[Yangon] Private clinics & hospitals for your health

These private clinics and hospitals are open in case you have any health issues. Some of them offer delivery services for pharmaceutical products and...

Self Care for the Elections

While the whole world seems to be watching the US elections, Myanmar has its own elections to look forward to. No matter what our political stance or nationality, we are likely to have some increased emotions this week as we watch things unfold.

How to Celebrate World Vegan Day in Yangon On November 1

A vegan diet is a diet without any animal products; no meat, dairy, or eggs. Vegan diets tend to include a lot of beans, nuts, and seeds for protein. They also incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables. A vegan diet can provide all the nutrients that a person needs, but it does require some education and planning. But this shouldn’t stop you if you are passionate about becoming vegan!

Being Centered Amidst Chaos, The Real Goal of Practicing Tai Chi

If you have ever wandered through a Yangon park in the morning and seen people practicing slow graceful movements, you may have seen the art of Tai Chi being taught by Wuanna Zawlwin, the instructor for Tai Chi in Yangon

Women’s needs at quarantine centers

As Myanmar is getting support from donors to fight COVID-19, there is one need that is being left out or forgotten - women's needs in COVID-19 quarantine and medical centers across Myanmar.

[Yangon] Drugstores for delivery

Check the list of drugstores that deliver to your doorstep in Yangon.

Leisure walks around Yangon

Do you want to see the sunrise, get some fresh air and go for a jog? Take your friends or family to start or complete your day together with this guide.

Where to Buy Healthy and Nutritious Detox Drinks Online

Are you in your practice of cleansing your body and boosting your energy with healthy food and drinks? Detox drinks are known to cleanse your digestive system, your liver and your body and they can enrich a healthy lifestyle. Here are four places where you can buy detox juice online for delivery in Yangon.