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7 Places to Try in August – Restaurants and Bars Guide

Yangon's F&B scene is bubbling again! Here are seven restaurants and bars for you to explore in August. 

8 Bars to try at Yangon Night Market

The new bars at Yangon's Nightmarket has added a well-needed flair to this interesting idea of a "night market" in between two busy roads. The containers sized bars and restaurants sit against the backdrop of the rush hour traffic of Strand Road, many across from the beautiful Rosewood Hotel. Here is a list of bars that are now open.

JAZZ CAFÉ & BAR: Drinking and Dining at the Yangon Night Market

Jazz Café & Bar is a welcomed addition to Yangon’s al fresco dining scene. With its central location, friendly service, and high-quality food and beverage options, the bar is a fun, casual place to have a few drinks with friends.

How Yangon’s nightlife looks like after the lockdown?

Although precautions are being imposed by the government, it does not stop the comeback of bar patrons. While some bar patrons decide to shake up cocktails or order booze from takeaway apps, some of the city’s boozers have gotten ready for their post-lockdown pint.

Cocktail Deliveries for Happy Hours at Home

Friday is coming up and if you are missing your favourite cocktails and still not willing to go out, here is the list of places where you can get cocktail delivery service.

The team behind The Penthouse share their story of coming together, launching businesses and adapting

Raouf, Amine and Gabriel come together in this interview for MYANMORE's The Adaptors to tell the story of they got started with the Lab, the Penthouse and how the three of them work together also during times such as COVID-19 to launch new concepts and ideas.

Mr Wok Beer Garden offers a fresh alternative to the traditional beer stations of Yangon

Mr Wok Beer Garden is a local chain inspired by the street foods of Asia, located in North Dagon, Yangon

The MYANMORE Awards 2020 are here

This spring the 7th annual MYANMORE Awards is taking place with its mission to push the industry to a new level and give recognition to...