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Real-Life Heroes and Fighting the Unseen Enemy in Myanmar

People immediately respond when they are physically injured and in pain. They yell, ask for help, and seek medication. However, people have different views when it comes to mental illness, and Burmese people are not well informed about it. Today, organizations like Counselling Corner are spreading awareness and helping people with mental health issues.

Charms & rituals: Asian practices for good luck

Luck plays a huge role in everyday lives of Myanmar people. “Oh, she’s got the promotion. How lucky she is!” “He was hit by...

Family-Friendly Activities in Yangon to Try Out After the Pandemic

The world is ready to be back on track soon, so it's a perfect time to make bucket lists and plans! Whether you are a Burmese citizen looking for ways to spend time with your family or visitors who are looking forward to visiting Yangon soon, this is a list of family-friendly activities in Yangon to try out after the pandemic.


Contribute an Eco-brick to new school facilities in Hlaing Thar Yar. Plastic is everywhere- on the streets, littering our parks, floating in the waterways and even in the foods we eat. Even if we try to live a green lifestyle, it is hard to completely avoid plastic.

In Search of Sweet December

Among the Yangon Christmas displays, the phrase “Sweet December” stands out. But what is Sweet December exactly? I spoke to people from across Myanmar and interpretations were, predictably, diverse. Even some Myanmar people were unsure.

8 Ways To Create a Festive Experience with Local Businesses

It's the time of the year we are longing for! Despite the pandemic, this year can be as festive as the previous years. Let's enjoy the most joyful celebration of the year! This is our tips on how to do it and support local businesses at the same time!


Julie Foote’s husband wasn’t worried hearing there’s a snake in the freezer. “He didn’t bat an eye. His only concern was where we’d put the ice-cream.” In fact, he and their friends are still overwhelmingly excited. For this snake is dead, and waiting to be transported to America to be examined by a Herpetologist. Their snake could be new species and definitely is rare.

Centennial of National Day

This year marks the 100th anniversary of National Day. The commemoration is meant to celebrate the Burmese students who protested against colonial education.