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The Man Electrifying Myanmar – U Zeya Thura Mon

His office is filled with glittery objects, a hot pink mushroom lamp beams light towards three blue lampshade domes on the other side of the room. Golden Buddha’s look down on his desk, as nick-nacks fill the remaining space, a Statue of Liberty, and toy trucks surround a chessboard. No. Two chessboards along with the ‘Little Book Of Chess’. This is the office of U Zeya Thura Mon, Myanmar’s ‘Mr Sparks’, the largest private provider of electricity to the nation of Myanmar.

Bay Dar & Panellist – Two businesses under one owner that have kept pushing forward through COVID-19

Since the pandemic outbreak, a lot of business leaders and role models have been stepping up their game, coming up with new ideas to still push through facing a new normal. Ms Htoo Thant Sin, the founder of Bay Dar & Co., Ltd, Panellist Business Services and Tenacity Academy, has been paying attention on how to organise her businesses even before the pandemic situation and she managed to adapt to the restrictions post-lockdown and keep on going with her business while a lot faced challenges.

FOMO: Brews in a new way

When I first e-met Ian, I could sense great enthusiasm in his words. He is passionate about coffee and dreams about blazing a trail in the country’s highly contested cafe industry. But it was when he told me about his plan to sell his products with vending machines instead of a physical shop that got my attention.

[Behind the Curtain] Thein Zaw from Trisha Furniture

It was mid-day when I was summoned to the parking garage of my condo community in Yangon. My custom-built furniture had arrived. As the furniture I’d ordered came off the truck, I was struck by how beautifully crafted the three pieces were

YSX Trading in Wonderland

This year the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) opened to foreign traders. Be warned. “The YSX is a bit like ‘Alice trading in Wonderland’” whispers an anonymous source.

A Guide to investing on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX)

For brave, patient pioneers an opportunity has opened to tap into Myanmar's enormous wealth through investing on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX). "This is the world’s newest and smallest exchange," said Sayed U Thet, Executive Senior Manager YSX. As of 2020, foreigners can be part of the game.

Ka Gee: Art in the ink

With the needle as a paint brush and skin as a canvas, he creates something magical It was raining when we arrived at Ka Gee’s...

Young entrepreneurs blazing trails in Myanmar’s industries

Amid a series of state reforms seven years ago, the future of Myanmar’s economy had a gilded shine—some even posited it as “Asia’s next...