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Staycations in Beautiful Locations

It's the green season in Myanmar from June until September! Which is a perfect time of the year for getaways in the upcountry. The landscapes are lush and green, and many hotels provide exceptional deals!

10 Astonishing Destinations in Myanmar That Feel Out of This World #ExploreMyanmar

Myanmar has many astonishing destinations for travel and some you just must visit and see for yourself to believe them. Here are our tips on 10 Destinations in Myanmar That Feel Out of This World.

Manuha Pagoda Festival in Bagan #MyanmarFestivals

The Manuha Pagoda Festival is held in Bagan for three days starting from one day before Full Moon Day of Tawtalin, 30th of September in 2020, when Monks gather to receive food offerings in big alms bowls while Colourful paper-maché figures wander around the city in a parade.

Top 10 Experiences To Try In Your Next Trip Upcountry

Especially for expats and Myanmar living in Yangon, but not really knowing the countryside, Exploration Travel came up with these 10 experiences to re-connect and re-discover Myanmar. All priced under 50 Usd per person during the month of September and October (based on minimum of 2 persons travelling together)

COVID-19 in Myanmar – What to expect in August

Our country has been doing a good job quarantining citizens and the health industry is doing the best they can to fight against the COVID-19. The outcome has been great. So what changes can we expect from now regarding that more people are being healed and everything's stimulating as organised?

Bagan’s Best Western Dishes

Bagan has no shortage of restaurants, but the menus are mostly a repetitive mix of rice, curry, salads and soups. If you are looking for...

Myanmar destination updates from the ground

We talked with business owners and senior managers in the hospitality industry about the impacts of COVID-19 on popular destinations. They share their experience...

8 Bagan pagodas looted in 2 days

Eight pagodas in Bagan have thieves breaking in and stealing the enshrined valuables between 8 and 9 June. The Bagan Tourist Guide Association found that...

Change your Zoom background with an upcountry staycation in Myanmar

As hotels are opening up again in Myanmar you’re in a very unique situation to stay a week or so at a different location and absorb the atmosphere of an area in Myanmar without having to share space with hundreds of other tourists. Additional advantage; your Facebook friends don’t expect you to post exciting adventures every hour so you can relax, travel slow and simply hang out in the garden of your hotel or at the pool. Work from your “new home” becomes more enjoyable and your colleagues will love to see your new Zoom background.

Festival guide: Pagodas of sand

The festivals that take place up and down the country are often the unexpected highlights for those travelling in Myanmar.  Which of us were not...

Urban Sketchers: The cities in sketches

A group of sketchers roam the streets of Yangon. Their sketches tell the stories of the city from its busy bazaars and magnificent monuments...

Ayeyarwady and Bagan: Myanmar’s very first Star and Planet in the universe

For the first time in the history of Myanmar, a star and a planet are officially named Ayeyarwady and Bagan which are 553 light...

How to travel in Myanmar on a tight budget

December is an expensive month with a lot of partying, giving presents and enjoying good meals. To start the New Year without breaking the...

Sharky’s must try Mohinga and Spicy Noodles at its finest

“Local, Artisan and Organic”- Sharky’s presents exquisite, appealing and appetizing dishes to the consumers. Sharky’s was founded in 1996 by Mr. Ye Htut Win,...

Balloons Over Bagan Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Myanmar’s favorite travel experience celebrates its 20th anniversary Look at any travel story or poster promoting tourism in Myanmar and chances are it will feature...