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In Search of Sweet December

Among the Yangon Christmas displays, the phrase “Sweet December” stands out. But what is Sweet December exactly? I spoke to people from across Myanmar and interpretations were, predictably, diverse. Even some Myanmar people were unsure.

Festivals in October 2020

October is an exciting month in Myanmar. The three-month Buddhist Lent is over, the rain has ceased and everything is clean and bright. Festivals take place throughout the country and popular destinations are packed with tourists. This year the full moon day of Thadingyut is 31 October.

Paungde Buddha Tooth Relic Festival #MyanmarFestivals

Paungde Buddha Tooth Relic Festival normally takes place outside of Pyay in Paungde on the full moon day of Tawthalin (this year it was 01 October 2020).

Manuha Pagoda Festival in Bagan #MyanmarFestivals

The Manuha Pagoda Festival is held in Bagan for three days starting from one day before Full Moon Day of Tawtalin, 30th of September in 2020, when Monks gather to receive food offerings in big alms bowls while Colourful paper-maché figures wander around the city in a parade.

[Thingyan Special] MYOMA NYEIN: The Enchanting Silver Swan

You might have heard of Myoma Nyein due to the brief tussle between the late composer’s family and a beer giant, due to the...