Wednesday, August 5, 2020


COVID-19 in Myanmar – What to expect in August

Our country has been doing a good job quarantining citizens and the health industry is doing the best they can to fight against the COVID-19. The outcome has been great. So what changes can we expect from now regarding that more people are being healed and everything's stimulating as organised?

COVID-19 restrictions extended until end of July (updated)

Myanmar's Central Committee has after an additional update, announced that measures in place to control the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), including the suspension of international flights, will be extended until the end of July.

Latest COVID-19 updates for Myanmar residents

The following restrictions have been extended till the end of June 30 as announced by Myanmar government this week: Restrictions on Visa and International...

BSY: How to think positive and be resilient

People tend to think optimism and resilience are natural traits. But Joshua Mycroft of British School Yangon believes they are attainable qualities. We often think...

[Yangon Opening Up] Only two townships left on Stay at Home order

As townships in Yangon show improvements in the progress of preventing COVID-19 disease transmission they are being removed from the Stay at Home order. Now only two townships remain on the list.

[Yangon Opening Up] Situations and Events with more than five people now allowed

As there have been no local transmissions for a while the Ministry of Health and Sports have now updated their rules on what kind of situations and events that are allowed to be held.

People helping people: Sa Ba Street Food Tours

Sa Ba Street Food Tours has been donating food to the under-served community of Yangon downtown areas together with volunteers at Food Not Bombs...

COVID-19: Authorities say those who don’t wear masks while going out will be charged effective from May 13

Authorities in Yangon Government Region will take action by pressing charges to those who don’t wear a mask while going outside as a precaution...

Latest news

[New Opening] HOUSE OF BREAD – French Bread in Yangon

House of Bread is a French artisanal bakery cafe inspired by the French boulangerie. They offer different varieties of European pastries alongside freshly customized coffee beans.

Full Moon Day of Waso

The Waso Full Moon Day on 3rd August marks the beginning of Vassa, or the Buddhist Lent, that lasts...

Fate and fortune: A guide to Myanmar’s mysticism

Many Buddhists try to understand what lies ahead in the future with the help of diviners and clairvoyants. Here are the most common types of divination you may find in Myanmar.
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