Thursday, July 16, 2020

Where to Buy Healthy and Nutritious Detox Drinks Online

Are you in your practice of cleansing your body and boosting your energy with healthy food and drinks? Detox drinks are known to cleanse your digestive system, your liver and your body and they can enrich a healthy lifestyle. Here are four places where you can buy detox juice online for delivery in Yangon.

A Guide to Popular Spas and Wellness Centres in Yangon

Having a spa day is one of the best ways to pamper yourself after a stressful day or a week. You can see a...

Where to Buy Reusable Cloth Face Masks that are Stylish

When it comes to face masks, there are both disposable and reusable masks. If you are looking for reusable face masks that are both fashionable and reliable, here are some of the places where you can buy them in Yangon and online.

Six new restaurants and bars to try in July

Looking for new places to have a chill night out with friends or a coffee date with your loved ones? Here are six restaurants and bars in Yangon that are newly opened for you to try in July.

Cocktail Deliveries for Happy Hours at Home

Friday is coming up and if you are missing your favourite cocktails and still not willing to go out, here is the list of places where you can get cocktail delivery service.

The Ultimate Nightlife Guide Yangon

On any day of the week, when the sun goes down, most Yangonites leave their work and grab some drinks with their co-workers or...

Rakhine Mote T – A Cure for the Rainy Season

Rakhine Mote T and Rainy Season are two things that are always compatible with each other - the spiciness of it balances out the coldness of the weather. Originated from Rakhine from Western Myanmar, Rakhine Mote T is one of the most loved ethnic food in Myanmar. Try out this famous mouthwatering dish to beat the monsoon season.

7 best specialty coffee shops in Yangon

As Yangonites have demanded better beans, the number of cafes that serve specialty coffee has risen in the recent years. Life starts after a cup of coffee and we will show you how. 

Durian Season! The five best spots to try durian delicacies

It's durian season in Myanmar! You can love it or you can hate it, but you can’t ignore it when someone brings it into the room. Dubbed the king of fruits, durian is produced in abundance during this season. For those who want to try this “smelly” tropical fruit, here’s our guide to pastries and ice-creams made of durian.

A Guide to Yoga studios in Yangon

Another year has passed and it’s a new beginning. It would be the best time for transforming yourself – a new year, a new...

Yangon Bars You Can Catch the Prem’ in

Undeniably the most entertaining sports league in the world, the Premier League starts anew this week. Will the United duo come up...

Where to enjoy International Yoga Day in Yangon

Enjoy International Yoga Day in Yangon on Thursday, June 21 by checking out these yoga houses—plus an event at Thuwanna Stadium on the weekend. Yangon...

Bored of sitting at home? Some suggestions to discover Myanmar on 2 wheels in the coming weeks.

Bored of sitting at home? Some suggestions to discover Myanmar on 2 wheels in the coming weeks. *  Do a morning ride in Thanlyin off...

Get your motor running: Myanmar’s best weekend motorbike adventures

Myanmar is beginning to lift restrictions on domestic travel, much to the delight of both local and foreign residents. But while the airlines and...

Change your Zoom background with an upcountry staycation in Myanmar

As hotels are opening up again in Myanmar you’re in a very unique situation to stay a week or so at a different location and absorb the atmosphere of an area in Myanmar without having to share space with hundreds of other tourists. Additional advantage; your Facebook friends don’t expect you to post exciting adventures every hour so you can relax, travel slow and simply hang out in the garden of your hotel or at the pool. Work from your “new home” becomes more enjoyable and your colleagues will love to see your new Zoom background.