Big Bad Wolf goes online

The "world's biggest book sale" Big Bad Wolf is back to Myanmar and this time it will go online. The brainchild of Malaysia-based entrepreneurs Andrew...

How you can support Yangon’s bookstores

Bookstores are trying to connect with the readers online through live sales and discounts. But what online shops cannot replace is the feeling of browsing the books shelf by shelf while reading the descriptions. And you can help continue this lovely tradition. 

New Zero Art Space Gains Attention During the Pandemic 

New Zero Art Space is known for its performance art activities and attracts the younger generations by offering workshops on how to shape concepts for contemporary artwork.  Due to the pandemic, they have not been able to host their usual education events.  However, they were motivated to create an exhibition that could be shared online inspired by the virus and the social situations that have been created to manage it.  This exhibition is called Divergence IV: Isolink 2020.

MYANMORE Live Talks Premiere with J.Par over Facebook and Youtube Today at 3pm

Hosted by Michael Waitze from Asia Tech Podcast, this Live Talk will feature a conversation with J. Par - a talented young female Myanmar singer - and talk about various topics in her life and career. 

3 books to know more about Myanmar

Myanmar is a complex society which is home to the world’s longest civil war and a cornucopia of ethnic groups. If you want to understand more about the country, you will need to learn historical, political and cultural accounts of it. Perhaps, start with these three books.

Yangon Artist Ardy Timmer Shares her Passion

Ardy Timmer was enjoying teaching art classes when the pandemic first hit and many ex-pats began to leave Myanmar. She says her passion is "helping people feel the spark of life." Usually, Ardy is a person who loves bringing people together; it comes to her naturally.  She enjoys performing and has that star quality, the energy that attracts people. Unfortunately for the past few months that has not been possible.

“From Italy for Myanmar” with the Italian Embassy on November 14th

FROM ITALY FOR MYANMAR is the first of a cycle of concerts dedicated especially to the Myanmar people: an invitation to dream with the music written for the great cinema.

Zee – The Voice of Maze of Mara

Zee’s passion for music started at a young age. She says she didn't have a favourite genre but listened to everything until Metal finally drew her in and she hasn't looked back since. She was a fan of Evanescence and Flyleaf among others.