The exhibition “A Living Legacy of Myanmar Impressionists: Dr. Lun Gywe” at The Sea Art Gallery serves as a great appreciation for the life and works of a true master, showcasing a curated collection of 104 paintings that express the early and formative years of Dr. Lun Gywe’s illustrious career.

Dr. Lun Gywe stands as a prominent luminary within Myanmar Impressionism, lauded for his significant influence on the nation’s artistic landscape. Born on 24 September 1930, in Myanmar, Dr. Lun Gywe embarked on a passionate artistic journey, driven by a desire to capture the inherent beauty of his surroundings.

During a transformative era in Myanmar’s art history, Dr. Lun Gywe’s artistic prowess blossomed, playing a pivotal role in popularizing Impressionism within the country. He skillfully merged Western techniques with traditional Myanmar themes, reflecting a profound connection to the landscapes, culture, and people of Myanmar.

Throughout his career, Dr. Lun Gywe refined his craft, crafting a distinct style characterized by vibrant hues, fluid brushwork, and a perceptive eye for capturing the interplay of light. His paintings vividly portray the diverse tapestry of Myanmar’s rural life, urban vistas, and daily rituals, offering a glimpse into the nuanced cultural fabric of the region.

A revered figure within Myanmar’s artistic community, Dr. Lun Gywe has served as a mentor to aspiring artists, dedicating himself to preserving and championing Myanmar’s artistic legacy. His unwavering commitment has garnered widespread respect and acknowledgment.

Dr. Lun Gywe’s impact is evidenced by the inclusion of his works in numerous exhibitions, both within Myanmar and on the international stage. His legacy endures not solely within his paintings but also through the artists he has inspired and the cultural bridges he has constructed between Myanmar and the global art sphere.

The Sea Art Gallery, Level 2, The Regency Offices, No 587, Pyay Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon
9 am – 6 pm | 8 – 14 January
Free entry

Cover photo credit: The Sea Art Gallery

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  1. I was lucky enough to be taught by Saya U Lun Gywe if only for three months of night classes at the prestigious State School of Fine Arts.


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