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FOMO: Brews in a new way

When I first e-met Ian, I could sense great enthusiasm in his words. He is passionate about coffee and dreams about blazing a trail in the country’s highly contested cafe industry. But it was when he told me about his plan to sell his products with vending machines instead of a physical shop that got my attention.

3 Authentic Burmese Cuisine Restaurants That Will Surprise Your Palate

There are delicious foods everywhere when you come to Yangon. Each Burmese dish has a distinctive taste, so it is very adventurous to try out every cuisine and desserts available. Myanmar has 8 major national ethnic races, and each cooking style differs from the others as well. Sometimes it can be quite challenging to find and try various foods at once, but these are the top three restaurants that have every course of food you will need to get a full Burmese experience. Even if you are not a foodie, it is worth a try!

[Restaurants+] 10 Christmas deals in Yangon

After the hotels' special deals for Christmas, check what restaurants and food service companies have in store. Have a very merry Christmas! 

[Hotels] Best Christmas deals in town

Have a five-star feast with your family and friends this Christmas at these hotels!

Get delicious desserts delivered to your door in Yangon

Unless you’re living with a pastry chef, you’re going to need some sugar reinforcements. These sweet online businesses bring you cakes, puddings and ice cream to ease your sugar cravings. Here are some tips in Yangon!

Five Star Dining at home with Seeds

Seeds is not only seen as one of the absolute best restaurants in Yangon, but it is also run by Lucia and Felix who are the ones driving this excellence in everything they touch. A visit to Seeds is a journey that affects all your senses, from the decoration and view to the service and the food. So how to achieve this when you cannot open the restaurant for guests?

[Live Talks] The Three Myanmar Chefs

This episode of MYANMORE Live Talks was held on Friday 27th and featured three talented Myanmar Chefs - Chef Orng, Chef Htun Htun and Chef Joseph!

KBZ banks on Master Chef to feed the COVID-19 doctors

“It’s a strength of Myanmar that when the nation faces a tragedy the community rallies together,” said Ye Htut Win, Founder of Sharky’s and Master Chef Myanmar Judge. Together the government and medical staff are tirelessly working to help COVID-19 patients recover. Yet who keeps frontline workers healthy? Right now, it’s Omnivore by Sharky’s and Kaung Lun Lote backed by the financial might of KBZ Bank.