Monday, January 20, 2020

This Week Happenings

Mingalaba! Another week has started. Today, read a story about our cover star Nang Lang Kham, Deputy Chief Executive Director of KBZ Bank. And one more story about how ION has climbed the Mounth Madwe Razi, an ice mountain in Kachin State.

In cinemas, Dolittle by Robert Downy Jr. is showing in Yangon's big screens. Don't forget to check out our promotions section too!

Things to do in Yangon this weekend: Jan 17 – 19

Here’s our snippet of things to do in Yangon this weekend. Jan 17 - Feb 2 A Chauk: A Solo Exhibition By Richie Htet Richie Htet works...

Things to do in Yangon this weekend: Jan 10 – 12

Here’s our snippet of things to do in Yangon this weekend. Jan 10 - 20 Big Bad Wolf Books at Fortune Plaza If Wolfies are looking for...
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BreadTalk’s 6th Outlet opens at 8 Miles Junction Mall

BreadTalk, a Singaporean multinational food and beverage corporation, introduces its 6th outlet at 8 miles Junction Mall. Founded in Singapore since 2000, BreadTalkhas been standing...

Invitation Of Nature: Climbing Mount Madwe Razi

The Invitation of Nature aka ION is a foundation established by Yangon University Hiking and Mountaineering Club since 1998. The 15-day-long Mount Madwe Razi...

A woman in front: the pioneering vision of Nang Lang Kham

People tend to think of global CEOs of colossal businesses as suit-and-tie men with a preference for expensive hobbies. Nang Lang Kham, Deputy Chief...

Love & Craft Weekend: Jan 18 – 19

Love & Craft Weekend – two big festivals are happening this weekend that you don't wanna miss. Here they are. Love is Love: Rainbow Flags...
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