Our five picks this week

We've found a pink cocktail party, Christmas bazaars and more this weekend! New things we have noted One of the more iconic hotels in Yangon, Sedona...

Meokja: Your K-Drama BBQ fantasy made real

One memorable scene in almost every K-drama is where friends and families gather and eat freshly grilled meats with soju. Meokja is a Korean...

Caribbean vibes & Latino-inspired cocktails at SEEDS Sunset Lab

Experience the funky Latino House Vibe at the Caribbean Cocktail Party! The Sunset Party at SEEDS Sunset Lab By The Lake welcomes you to indulge...

Our five picks this week

An art event for kids, salsa night, a photo exhibition and more this weekend! New things we have noted The iconic Governor’s Residence in Yangon has...

Cocktail party at Gekkō: A fusion of taste and talent

Gekkō is set to host a collaboration with "Mixologists Around Myanmar" for a vibrant cocktail event on 29 November, starting at 4 pm. This...

Alby Vegan: Where flavour meets compassion

Welcome to Alby Vegan Restaurant, a haven for food enthusiasts seeking vibrant, wholesome and cruelty-free dining experiences. At Alby, the menu is a testament to...

Rediscover the Grandeur of the Past at Governor’s Residence: A Fresh Chapter of Opulence and Timeless Elegance

The iconic Governor's Residence in Yangon has officially reopened its doors to the public after a three-year hiatus.

Myanmar team joins Asia’s Top Sommelier Summit in Macao

The enchanting city of Macao played host to the prestigious Asia Top Sommelier Summit, a gathering of wine connoisseurs, experts, and enthusiasts from across the continent. This remarkable event brought together delegates from a myriad of Asian nations, showcasing the rich diversity of the region's burgeoning wine culture.