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Total confirmed cases
Updated on January 21, 2021 11:05 pm
Total deaths
Updated on January 21, 2021 11:05 pm

COVID-19 Situation in Myanmar

  • Since December 16, all domestic flights are now allowed.
  • International flights expected to resume on January 1st.
  • Stay-at-home recommendation for all of Yangon Region (except for Coco Island).
  • The stay-at-home restrictions that began 5 Dec have been lifted in Mandalay District.
  • Yangon authorities have announced to shut down all the parks from 21-31 Dec.
  • Businesses are allowed to open after passing inspection.

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Rangoon Rhythm: Epic Quartet

Myanmar’s music industry is never short of singers. With the prevalence of autotune and social media, the youths record EPs and share them on...

Bay Dar & Panellist – Two businesses under one owner that have kept pushing forward through COVID-19

Since the pandemic outbreak, a lot of business leaders and role models have been stepping up their game, coming up with new ideas to still push through facing a new normal. Ms Htoo Thant Sin, the founder of Bay Dar & Co., Ltd, Panellist Business Services and Tenacity Academy, has been paying attention on how to organise her businesses even before the pandemic situation and she managed to adapt to the restrictions post-lockdown and keep on going with her business while a lot faced challenges.

Shein Hkawn: A village hidden in snow

Covered in snow around the year, a small village in the northernmost corner of Myanmar is waiting for the outside world to discover it.

Real-Life Heroes and Fighting the Unseen Enemy in Myanmar

People immediately respond when they are physically injured and in pain. They yell, ask for help, and seek medication. However, people have different views when it comes to mental illness, and Burmese people are not well informed about it. Today, organizations like Counselling Corner are spreading awareness and helping people with mental health issues.

Charms & rituals: Asian practices for good luck

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