Myanmar has many astonishing destinations for travel and some you just must visit and see for yourself to believe them. Here are our tips on 10 Destinations in Myanmar That Feel Out of This World.

1Win Sein Taw Ya [Mawlamyine, Mon State]

Photo: Aurelia Teslaru, Dailytravelpill
[World’s Largest Reclining Pagoda]

Even for a non-adventurous person, the site of a gigantic Buddha image will make your jaws drop. It is a world record holder with a height of 30 meters and a length of 180 meters. Although the entrance is free, there are no public transportations to get to this destination other than renting a Tuk-Tuk from Mawlamyine. What an adventure to get to this destination!

2Hsinbyume Pagoda [Mingun, Sagaing Division]

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Taking a step into this temple will bring you to another world. Unlike other temples in Southeast Asia, this temple has unique architecture. As this temple is stunning, there is also a beautiful story behind building it. Prince Bagyidaw (the son of King Bodawpaya) build this stupa as a memorial of Princess Hsinbyme (his first wife), who lost her life due to childbirth. Next time if you plan to visit this place, don’t forget to bring along your camera.

3Mingun Pahtodawgyi [Mingun, Sagaing Division]

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[Biggest Piles of Brick in the World]

This incomplete gigantic monument would be the biggest pagoda in the world once it’s finished. However, it was intentionally left unfinished by King Bodawpaya because it was prophesied that Burma would fall once the pagoda is complete. It is still standing beautifully today despite the major earthquake in 1975. The scenery would make you feel like you are somewhere on mars or a scene from a movie.

4Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda [Hpa An, Kayin State]

Photos: Riyan Shaik, Pinterest; RedAmi, Reddit

A strange rock formation with glistering stupas on the top is a view you couldn’t get anywhere in the world. Kyauk Ka Latt Pagoda is situated on a rock that is peculiarly defying gravity on the artificial lake. Not only the pagoda itself is a gorgeous view, the charming environment of wildlife, nature, and its tranquility would fascinate you. You will fall in love with the atmosphere at once if you watch a sunset at this location.

5Shwe Ba Taung [Monwya, Sagaing Division]

Photos: Pravit Unphet, Shutterstock; Tripadvisor

Located near Po Win Daung Village (known for Buddhist cave complex) is Shwe Ba Taung. It is known for the labyrinth of the temple cave complex built during the colonial period. The local craftsmen had curved out the sandstones by hand that gives a neo-classical architectural appearance. Some speculated that Middle Eastern and African men might have contributed due to their archaeological sites resemblance. This fusion of Burmese and Western styles made Shwe Ba Taung one of Myanmar’s unique places.

6Mergui Archipelago [Myeik, Tanintharyi Region]

Photo: Missvic, Noloneliness

The Mergui Archipelago consists of more than 800 islands including Wa Ale, Kyun Pila (Awei Pila), and Boulder Island. The beautiful scenery and spectacular marine life isn’t the end of the islands’ significance. You can interact with the nomadic lifestyle of the Moken people, who were known to have incredible freediving skills and sharp underwater vision. Since it is not well known to the world yet, the environment is naturally exceptional. The Mergui Archipelago is a dream destination for kayakers, scuba divers, sailors, and people who love the sea.

7Mindat Town [Mindat, Chin State]

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Photo: Flymya, Shutterstock

Explore small and friendly indigenous tribal village ‘Mindat Town’ known for ladies with facial tattoos. In the past, Burmese Kings often travel across the country and pick beautiful women to be their brides. Therefore, the families tattoo young tribal women to appear unattractive to the kings. Today, only older women have tattoo faces because it is forbidden to do so. There are no words to describe how incredulous the town is, so you have to see for yourself. Mindat is also famous for its treks to Mount Victoria (the highest mountain in Chin state), so the whole area is an adventure itself.

8Mount Popa [Myingyan, Mandalay Region]

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You can see Mount Popa’s golden stupas glittering on the top of an extinct volcano from a distance. This Burmese Pilgrimage site is known for 37 supreme Burmese spirits, and there are exactly 777 steps to the top. Although it seems a lot, time passes by quickly observing cute monkeys along the way, but be cautious of them. It is worth getting to the top for a magnificent paranormal view.

9Thanboddhay Pagoda [Monwya, Sagaing Division]

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Photo: DamienHR, Flickr

Thanboddhay Pagoda is located near Laykyun Sekkya Buddha (World’s Third tallest statue), and it has a unique stupa architecture. Unlike other temples and pagodas, this pagoda has a vibrant exterior mixed with classic golden color. However, this isn’t the most impressive part of the pagoda. There are over half a million Buddha images of different sizes that fill every corner of your eyes.  Make sure to give Thanboddhay pagoda a visit once you are in Monwya.

10Old Bagan [Mandalay Region]

Photos: saltinourhair
[UNESCO World Heritage Site]

A famous ancient city of Burma, Bagan is a site many visitors can not forget after their visit. A breath-taking view of numerous temples felt like stepping into an alternative universe, and the place seems like it has locked in time between the 11th and 13th centuries of Burma. Whether you are watching a sunrise on a hot air balloon or watching a sunset on the temple, this is an ideal place to do so in the entire world.

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