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Avocado crab roll by Chef Htun Htun

Chef Htun Htun, Chef & Director of Le Cellier Restaurant at Novotel Yangon Max, share one of his favorite avocado recipes - Crab Meat & Avocado.

[Ready-to-Eat Yangon] New Concepts of Breakfast, Fine Dining, Vegan and Tacos!

Thanks to all the innovative entrepreneurs in Yangon, staying at home does not have to be so painful and boring - here is our series of new ready-to-eat delivery concepts, starting with Breakfast, Fine Dining, Vegan and Tacos!

Art unchained: Yangon galleries keep creativity flowing

Art knows no boundary - or lockdown. Although many galleries are closed due to COVID-19, some gallery owners find ways to keep creativity alive...

Cocktail Deliveries for Happy Hours at Home

Friday is coming up and if you are missing your favourite cocktails and still not willing to go out, here is the list of places where you can get cocktail delivery service.

Four Seasons Steamboat: A Hot Pot Experience at home

Four Seasons Steamboat Restaurant decided that when they can't be open, why not bring their hot pot experience to your home. Two people will deliver a full set of vegetables and meats together with the broths of your choice and the equipment to boil it. The day after they will come and pick it up.

Work from Home Diary: From Electricity Outage, Food Dilemma, Conference Call Etiquette to the New Normal 

As people in some parts of the world start to yearn the comeback of a “normal life”, I have officially entered the ninth week of working from home in Yangon. And let me tell you, it’s not as thrilling as I have imagined before. 

Fine Dining Delivered by Chef ORNG – 2018 Chef of the Year

Chef ORNG, known for his creativity and experimentation, just launched a four course dinner delivered to your door - a plated dinner, warm enough to be immediately served as it arrives, with all the plates collected the next day. The only thing missing from this fine dining experience is the waiter and sommelier.

[Pets] Where to buy food and accessories for your furry friends online

It's time to spoil our fur babies with their favourite food, snacks and toys. Here are some of the pet shops that deliver to your home in Yangon.