Grilled chicken to your doorstep

Feel like grilled chicken while you are stuck at home? We have made an alphabetical list of restaurants that deliver to your doorstep in Yangon. Some places offer the price as low as Ks5,500 for the whole chicken!

One of the latest comers to the city’s dining scene. Its signature sticky rice-stuffed chicken BBQ is already popular among the netizens in a short time. Besides sticky rice, you may also find an egg, cashew nuts and chicken sausages inside the chicken. The price is Ks13,000 for the whole and it comes with a free bottle of Heineken as a special deal! Call 09 509 6069 and order immediately while the deal lasts.

The place does not need much introduction. Its whole chicken comes at Ks14,000 and with a complementary papaya salad. Those live in Lanmadaw, Latha, Ahlone, Dagon and Sanchaung may enjoy free delivery. The different fees may be applied in other townships. Call 09 445 950 252 for orders.

One of Yangon’s famous places to satisfy your chicken cravings. The prices are as low as Ks5,500 for the whole chicken! Through the partnership with foodpanda, it delivers to 10 townships in Yangon: Sanchaung, Kyimyindaing, Ahlone, Kamaryut, Hlaing, South Oakkalapa, North Dagon, Thanlyin, Hlaingthaya and Thamine Lan Sone. You can also order through its own delivery service at 09 2500 32500 or 09 751 999990.

If you are more into lowkey chicken grilled over charcoal, this is the place you turn to. It offers the meat in two grilling methods: direct and over aluminium foil. Choose from three options: drumstick (Ks1,200), loin and breast (both Ks1,500). Every order above Ks20,000 comes with free delivery. Call 09 966 602 222 or 09 420 123 404 and order one day in advance. 

If you still have not tried its juicy rotisserie chicken and sandwiches, you are missing out a lot on Yangon’s latest food offerings. Decide between Original (Ks9,000 for half and Ks15,000 for the whole) and Chili (Ks10,000 / Ks16,500). Our advice is to order half on both flavours and find the difference. Best pair it with sticky rice. Right now they deliver twice a day in the city, and once a week to Star City and Pun Hlaing. Order directly on their Facebook Page or call 09 755 083 653

While running BBQ classes, the chef also offers roasted chicken (Ks12,000 for the whole) and duck (Ks13,000). Call 09 7757 16362 or 09 4493 29722 and order one day in advance.

Homemade charcoal grilled chicken that will make you miss the backyard BBQ from your childhood. The prices are the same for both original and spicy chicken: Ks5,000 for half and Ks9,000 for the whole. It delivers within Kyimyindaing for free and charges different rates in other townships. Call and order one day in advance: 09 796 218 221, 09 968 211 975, 09 899 307 950.

It serves Thai-style grilled chicken and you can choose between Original and Mala at Ks7,500 (half) and Ks13,000 (whole). You may find it on foodpanda or call these numbers for direct orders: 09 783 463 377, 09 783 463 388. 

What is your favourite place for grilled chicken? Does your business deliver grilled chicken? DM us to be listed for free!

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