There are few dining experiences that are better with friends than Hot Pot – sharing the same food, boiling it in the same broth. But how to do this if you don’t want to go out to a restaurant and risk COVID-19?

Four Seasons Steamboat Restaurant just came up with an idea. If customers don’t come to us, how about we come to them?! And they just got started. Upon order, two people will deliver a full set of vegetables and meats together with the broths of your choice and the equipment to boil it. The day after they will come and pick it up.

We went for a selection of local beef, imported beef, pork belly, chicken and a wide variety of vegetables and other things, plus two different hot pot broths – spicy and collagen.

With plates and chopsticks included, you just needed to wait for them to set it all up and then get started!

For a five-person hot pot dinner the cost was MMK 58,000 including transportation charges. The menu starts at MM 30,000 for two people and goes up to MMK 100,000 for eight people.

Check out their Facebook page for more details on


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four-seasons-steamboat-a-hot-pot-experience-at-homeIt delivered everything you would expect. For 58,000 kyat it felt like a great value for five people.


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