Stuck in self-isolation and long for fine dining? Fear not, Chef ORNG now delivers a fine dining experience ready to enjoy for the housebound.

The last two months have taught us to adapt to many things new; from fancy restaurants to home-cooked meals, from drinks in a bar to zoom after-works. The spread of coronavirus has also forced restaurants that didn’t offer takeout or delivery service before to change their business strategies and try new concepts.

Chef ORNG, known for his creativity and experimentation, just launched a four course dinner delivered to your door – a plated dinner, warm enough to be immediately served as it arrives, with all the plates collected the next day. The only thing missing from this fine dining experience is the waiter and sommelier.

The menu we tried consisted of:

  • Amuse-bouche – Mushroom Soup
  • Starter – House Smoked Butter Fish with beet root vegetable salad
  • Mains – Confit duck leg, purple sweet potato, red cabbage and duck jus
  • Dessert – custard tart with fresh mango

What makes it special?

Having been limited to delivery packing and home cooked meals, enjoying a dinner with Chef ORNG’s characteristic style of beautiful plates and quality food was a fresh change. The food was still perfectly warmed and already plated so it could immediately be served and enjoyed. Using new plates with food professionally plated instead of your own ones warmed in the microwave lifted the experience several notches. The quality of the food was as expected, very good. Well recommended as a gift to friends or enjoyed with your better half at home.


Tasting dinner for two – MMK 100,000
Chef’s Tailored Wine Pairing Available for additional MMK 50,000

Menu change according to market availability and Chef ORNG’s mood

You can call Chef ORNG directly and discuss your dinner on 09962912972

Need to order one day in advance on

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