Pet Groomers: Hairdressers Doggy Style, Pedicures And Spa’s. With Home Delivery.

Every pet needs a little pampering, a bubble-bath or spa, a pedicure, anal glands expressed or for those embarrassing bald patches there’s a special treatment. Oh my, if your dog needs a little extra attention: let’s go blonde! These are some of the extraordinary services in Yangon and now many Groomers offer pick up and home delivery, such luxury. Who are these services and what will they do to your almost most important family member?

Adopting Street Dogs

Street dogs are often labelled wild and mangy and the idea of adopting one, completely daunting. In truth, the animals are loving and smart, as Laura and Zaid discovered when welcoming street dogs into their homes.

[Pets] Where to buy food and accessories for your furry friends online

It's time to spoil our fur babies with their favourite food, snacks and toys. Here are some of the pet shops that deliver to your home in Yangon.