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Real-Life Heroes and Fighting the Unseen Enemy in Myanmar

People immediately respond when they are physically injured and in pain. They yell, ask for help, and seek medication. However, people have different views when it comes to mental illness, and Burmese people are not well informed about it. Today, organizations like Counselling Corner are spreading awareness and helping people with mental health issues.


Contribute an Eco-brick to new school facilities in Hlaing Thar Yar. Plastic is everywhere- on the streets, littering our parks, floating in the waterways and even in the foods we eat. Even if we try to live a green lifestyle, it is hard to completely avoid plastic.

Women’s needs at quarantine centers

As Myanmar is getting support from donors to fight COVID-19, there is one need that is being left out or forgotten - women's needs in COVID-19 quarantine and medical centers across Myanmar.

Webinar on Culture and Development in Southeast Asia

“Cultural Heritage Conservation, Community Engagement and Sustainable Development”. Lessons learnt from the Italian Development Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Myths & Superstitions of Myanmar

As a person raised in a Myanmar home, I've heard my fair share of superstitions. Here I explore more common superstitions of Myanmar and the reasons behind. Still, a belief may vary from place to place.

Online Festivals to keep the traditions alive

Last month several famous traditional festivals in Myanmar were unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19. The Taungbyone Nat festival near Mandalay and the Lawkananda festival in Bagan were two of the more recent ones cancelled. To keep the tradition, the spirit and the fun of these festivals alive, MYANMORE is together with Exploration Travel creating "online festivals” with a short story about each festival, pictures from previous years and inviting people to add pictures, stories and memories of the festival.

Fate and fortune: A guide to Myanmar’s mysticism

Many Buddhists try to understand what lies ahead in the future with the help of diviners and clairvoyants. Here are the most common types of divination you may find in Myanmar.

Amayar: Enriched coffee, empowered women

Hailing from the hilly region of Ywangan, Southern Shan State, Amayar has been producing speciality-grade Arabica coffee beans since 2016. Besides, the whole business is led, managed, and operated chiefly by women.