“Lethwei for Mental Health” explores how the sport can offer benefits for the mind, particularly in managing depression and anxiety. Exercise, including Lethwei, can aid in boosting mental well-being, especially for those dealing with trauma or depression.

The course emphasises the importance of perseverance and self-compassion in overcoming challenges. It encourages individuals to consider engaging in Lethwei training as a means of coping with depression.

Counselling Corner and Strong Wave Myanmar Lethwei Gym jointly host the Myanma Lethwei and Mental Healing Challenge as per the following schedule:

1st Week: 3rd March
Physical Fix & Mental Health Awareness

2nd Week: 10th March
Physical Fix & Mindfulness

3rd Week: 17th March
Physical Fix and Stress & Anxiety Management

4th Week: 24th March
Physical Fix & Building Resilience

The duration of each session is from 10 am to 12 pm. The fee is Ks120,000 for 4 weeks and the location is Strong Wave Myanma Lethwei Gym (No. 79, Bagaya Street, Kyitmyindine). Trainers will be provided. Register through this link.


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