As Myanmar is getting support from donors to fight COVID-19, there is one need that is being left out or forgotten as mentioned in an article on the MM Times recently. This is women’s needs in COVID-19 quarantine and medical centers across Myanmar.

Women’s rights groups pointed out that donors send toothbrushes, meals, soap, etc. but not sanitary pads. The process to get items in is lengthy and difficult, and a lot of women are too shy to ask (particularly those from rural areas and migrant workers).

A fundraiser has been set up for this working with the Rotary Club of Central Yangon to collect donations, procure sanitary pads, and distribute across Myanmar (starting with Yangon). The driver behind this, Khin Su, has also set up a Facebook page where she post updates and details for full transparency.

The fundraising goal is 72,588,672 MMK, which will be enough to provide a 3 months’ supply of pads for 33,000 women (includes women in quarantine centers in Yangon + Rakhine + IDP camp in Rakhine).

Check out the details how to support on their Facebook page here


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