After tapping the refreshing skip button on the 31st night, the world of ours moved to the new space again and we said ‘Happy New Year’.

Yes, I know that you still feel like you are the same person as before since you’ve gone through a lot during the past year but I want to pat you, saying you did very well. 

Of course, in your reflection of the previous 2022, there may be some incomplete tasks or some goals that you failed, you don’t need to be disappointed at all because we all do fail at some point and it’s never too late to turn a new leaf, write a new page.

So, here I am, going to assist you planning the fresh and best year by giving you some tiny realistic tips which will turn into a magic spell that can enhance your own mood, day and even your whole life in a positive way.

Do workout & walk everyday


Even though this sounds like an old record of every motivational speaker, it does have an effect not only on your physical health but also on your mental wellness. When I say workout, you neither need to go to gym nor run a long 10km every morning. You just have to plan an easy home workout routine of 5 to 10 mins when you move your body along with some upbeat music. 

If you find the workout difficult, walking everyday could still be your healthy routine. Starting from today, figure out the way you can walk more on your commute to work or anywhere you are visiting since it will be your habit soon or later.

The consistency throughout the habit is the one you must not lose for a better effect.


Try something New


Try something that scares you or you thought you would be really bad at. You never know your next skill until you try doing it. Painting, crocheting, learning a language, planting or it can even be learning to solve a Rubik’s cube. I believe that the result may surprise you somehow.

As for me, I am planning to learn driving in the next couple of months.


Give at least one compliment to someone every single day

This is the one awesome tip that I learned from a YouTube video a few months ago and it still does have a fast reflection on me from the day one I started growing this habit.

You can go to anybody and give a simple compliment about something that looks good on her or him or something that she or he tries to improve. It may be physical appearance, clothing, the perfume scent, smile, the skill or professional thing of her or him. 

As soon as you give a compliment, the good energy will spread around and it truly does revolve again and will be back to you.


Hang out more with your loved ones


Invest your time in taking out your friends or family to spend some quality time together. Talking on the phone or at home is completely different from hanging out. Most of our sincere feelings or recent problems tend to open up and we can build healthier relationships and trust during those togetherness.


Reduce gossiping 


Gossiping is something that everyone enjoys doing whenever we meet a bunch of friends who are really comfortable to talk to. Most of our topics turn to other people apart from us during the midway of the conversation and we end up gossiping about them in one way or another.

Therefore, it ruins your day since that terrible energy from those gossips won’t go away. Especially the negative mood will overwhelm your heart and destroy every positive thing coming in.

Moreover, we still can’t fully reject that habit.

So, you should start growing that habit of controlling yourself not to chime in the group’s gossip. Instead of words, writing your problems down in your journal would be the better way to minimize bad energy.


Make a movie bucket list


These days, movies and series really entertain me and erase most of my stress away. 

Even though I am not a cinephile, I got into the habit of making a movie bucket list for every week. Films inspired by true stories occupied 70% of my list since they always teach me unfamiliar experiences and different thinking from my own perspective and also the thing that we must accept the diversity.

This habit has been enlightening my mood and also my day whenever I complete one on the list. 



So, I hope every single tip will help you get a better day, week, month and a whole year to be a strong, healthy and happy pill.

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