As Myanmar is gradually lifting up the previous quarantine rules and trying to approach the healthy recovery of tourism, new guidelines of health requirements and arrival procedures were published on 27th April 2022 and took into effect from 1st May 2022.



Mostly, the requirements are identical for both foreign and local passengers through commercial flights except that foreign passengers need to purchase Covid-19 medical insurance from Myanma Insurance.


Requirements for foreign passengers and local passengers through commercial flights

  • A Covid 19 fully vaccinated certificate within 14 days before arrival and that vaccine must be one of them which is approved by the Myanmar Ministry of Health.

(CoronaVac, Astra Zeneca or Covishield, Pfizer – BioNTech, Janssen or Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Sinopharm or COVILO, Sputnik V, Sputnik Light, Covaxin, Myancopharm, Nuvaxovid)M

  • Children under 12 are exempted from the above regulation if they are with a fully vaccinated parent or guardians.
  • A negative Covid 19 RT-PCR Test within most 72 hours before arrival ( except for children under 6 )
  • Covid-19 medical insurance from Myanma Insurance (only for foreign passengers)
  • A health declaration form
  • Covid-19 Rapid test requisition form


All the travelers shall present a printed copy of each document mentioned above to respective airline staff upon check-in before boarding to Myanmar as well as after arrival.

After arriving at the airport, you have to pass through the airport health quarantine and immigration departments and submit a Health Declaration form to airport authorities.

Then, travelers shall be tested by RDT (Rapid Diagnostics Test) on Covid-19 on respective testing counters at their own costs of around (US$ 8.14).


If the result shows negative, you may leave the airport to continue your journey but if it comes out as a positive sign, you shall be isolated and taken to a medical facility, treatment center, or designated hotel by MOH.

Travelers who can’t present the documents mentioned above may enter Myanmar only by relief flights and have to fulfill the quarantine at the designated centers. The quarantine period will be three days for vaccinated travelers and five for unvaccinated ones.

Still, foreigners are not allowed to transit through Myanmar. Foreign aircrews who need a layover in Myanmar have to be self-isolated at hotels allowed by MOH until their next flight.

MOH says that these regulations are subject to change according to the circumstances and should be strictly followed since legal actions could come up. 

So, I hope everyone has a nice and safe visit to Myanmar by following these regulations.

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