Pennyworth salads (3,000 Ks).

Wai Wai needs no introduction to people live in Sanchaung and its surrounding areas. Opened together with a hostel six years ago, Wai Wai had its own customers and fellow vegetarians gathered at the rooftop every opening day. It has now opened a new branch in downtown, just across the Secretariat on the busy road of Bo Aung Kyaw.

The owner, Wai Wai has come to Yangon from Northern Shan state with only one goal — to serve customers with the best specialized dishes from her hometown, Moe Meik (Mongmit on google map), in a healthy way. You can even see her friendly and charming smile on the front page of the menu.

Upon our visit, the waitresses seemed to be busy with the vegetables and perhaps some tittle-tattle. Once inside, you can see the flower pot on every wooden table put together with wooden menu plate. Upstairs has cushions and sofas set with low tables if you want a private space.

The menu is separated into four sheets; Salads, Mains, Sides and Juices. Amid the 3,000 Ks salads that are pennyworth, potato, ginger, tea leaves, eggplant or long bean, green or tomato, Wai Wai’s specials Shan Rice Noodles and Soups (2,500 Ks) are a must-try if you are a fan of Shan noodles which we did try. Delicious!

Shan Rice NoodlesSalad (2,500 Ks).

Then we tried the Pennyworth salads (3,000 Ks) which tastes a little bit sour than other places. But it has its own taste of goodness. Chicken salads (4,500 Ks) was my favorite, comes with celery, onion, pepper, pickles, a variety of mustards and greens. The taste really amazed me, neither sweet nor sour yet very good!

Chicken salad (4,500 Ks).

More customers came in while we were trying out each dish. The Potato Curry with Chicken (4,500 Ks) didn’t get my attention much since it looks a bit oily but it was fine. My friends said they like it. One of them has ordered “Extra rice, please!”

Potato Curry with Chicken (4,500 Ks).

Sides features taro soup, bean & veggie, spinach, tofu, watercress and kailan, each has its price of 3,000 Ks in average. Overall, Wai Wai’s has its own unique dishes and healthy menu. All plates are big. Cheers to the owner Wai Wai for another milestone!

Address: Bo Aung Kyaw Road (Middle Block), Next to Hindu Temple, Botahtaung Township, Yangon
Tel: 09796611013
Hours: 11am – 10pm



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