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    A guide to Yangon spicy food

    Looking for ways to spice up your taste buds in Yangon? Here are some of the top restaurants serving some of the spiciest food.. Are you up for the challenge?

    Cooking at The Ritz Yangon

    The Ritz is a great option if you're willing to pay a reasonable price for a high quality meal made with the creme de la creme of local ingredients.

    Q&A: Ma Aye Thuzar Thant, co-founder of Burma Bistro

    Myanmore sat down an interview with Ma Aye Thuzar Thant, co-founder of Burma Bistro about Yangon Heritage Trust: Best Adaptive Reuse Award and Myanmar Newcomer of the Year 2019 Award.

    The Newsroom: Yangon’s little England pairs regional cuisines with European

    The Newsroom Café and Deli, is the resident cafe, and delicatessen of The Yangon Excelsior.  It wasn’t apparent that a five-star hotel was hidden in the narrow Bo Soon...

    Cooking a Teppanyaki – Cho Japanese Dining & Bar

    Teppanyaki is a Japanese cuisine derived from teppan, which is the metal plate and yaki, means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried. Check out how this chef at Cho Japanese Dining & Bar cooks...

    Yokozuna: Underrated yet comfortable and big plates

    “Irasshaimase!” Something that we hear as we enter Yokozuna Yangon Japanese noodles (Ramen) shop or any other Japanese restaurant in town. According to sumo culture, yokozuna is the highest rank you can...

    The Ritz Restaurant: Grand Opening at University Avenue Road, Yangon

    On the 1st of June, The Ritz opened its doors and welcomed us warmly to its quaint location with a view of the Inya Lake. The decor inside was beautiful, and there...

    White Cottage Restaurant & Nude Bar: Splendour yet equitable price

    Not far from the popular spots of Bahan and Yankin townships, sits the White Cottage restaurant & Nude Bar, a new, cozy and secluded place in the Golden Valley—making it a great...

    Toh Lim: Come for the noodle, stay for the view

    Obviously Chinese culture has a huge impact on Yangon and its food as there are plenty of Chinese restaurants here, there and everywhere; some casual, some lavish. Yet when it comes down...

    Restaurants and bars open during Thingyan 2019

    Wandering around where to eat in Yangon during the Water Festival? Here is a list of bars and restaurants that are staying open during the holidays to get some grub for dinner...