Even during the darkest time there are stars – and here we have DD Chicken!

Launched a few weeks ago, DD Chicken delivers delicious chickens cooked in a blazing hot charcoal stacked rotisserie cooker. Started by the co-founders Chef Davy and Damian Lau, each succulent chicken is prepared in a professional, hygienic kitchen by the trained restaurant staff of Shwe Sa Bwe led by Chef Davy himself.

The menu is easy to understand – Original or Chili; whole, half or one piece. Additional items worth considering are the sandwiches – BBQ and Garlic Aioli.

We tested an Original Whole Chicken but instead of BBQ sauce changed to Peri Peri for extra spiciness, and a Garlic Aioli Chicken Sandwich.

The Sandwich was a welcome addition to Yangon’s very limited sandwich scene. The baguette was good, not too hard on the outside and had nicely absorbed the juices from the sauce and chicken meat. The chicken meat lived up to the expectations and overall a fulfilling experience of flavors.

The Chicken made the mouth water as soon as the lid was removed revealing its beautiful colors and fragrance. Served with our extra choice of Peri Peri sauce we got both the original flavour of the chicken and an extra kick with the sauce. The chicken was juice and tasty.

The extras come for extra. Only chips are included. 2,000 kyats for the potatoes and 1,500 for the sticky rice. In our group the rice didn’t get much support and the potatoes were ok but everyone was quite happy to just indulge themselves in the delicious chicken in front of them.

How to try it out? Right now they deliver twice a day in the city, and once a week to Star City and Pun Hlaing. Order directly on their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ddchickendelivery/



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