A new drama series has gotten people all over Myanmar talking and eagerly waiting for the next episode. I found out what all the fuss was about. (Warning: Spoiler alert).

The story started with the life of two elegant ladies who are also well-respected doctors specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. One character is called Mya Dawei Kyaw and another is Khin Thida. The first four episodes highlighted their happy married lives with their husbands whom they financially support since they earn more and come from wealthier backgrounds.

Mya Dawei Kyaw


Khin Thida

Meanwhile, another character who plays a big role here called Thu Chit Khin, had been kicked out from her work since she had an affair with the manager and some of the other men as well. She is a walking red-flag, seducing men for their money. Nevertheless, deep inside, she always wanted sincere affection from someone. Unfortunately, her aunt is the one pulling the strings.


Thu Chit Khin having an affair


Shwe having an affair

One day, she met doctor Mya Dawei Kyaw when she sought help with the abortion of the child she accidently had in a previous affair. She was so thankful and went to the doctor’s house to show her gratitude and became acquainted with the whole family, especially the doctor’s husband and crossed the line. On the other hand, Khin Thida caught her husband red handed having an affair with the young girl called Shwe. Her unfaithful husband put the blame on her infertility for this whole betrayal and doesn’t let go of her as well. I’ll let you find out what happens yourself!

The show does its basic job of melodrama, making viewers feel a roller coaster-thing. I love most of the dialogues they used in the series which reflect gender discrimination in real married life. Even though some of the scenes and plots are quite predictable, the audience seems to love the story of scorned women. I hope there will be some exciting plots where those strong women are facing and having heated conversations in the next episodes. 

I have no idea how the ending would be but I still wish to have some exciting revenge from those women in the plot. The casting line up is good, especially the ones who play villains are really talented and gorgeous. You can watch the series on the Mahar Mobile application.


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