Sunday, May 24, 2020


Streaming Now in May 2020

Streaming Now is a series of TV shows, films, comedy shows and everything you can watch on Streaming apps available in Myanmar as a...

Top 5 movies to make you howl with laughter

With the world under lockdown, it is all too easy to let negativity get the better of us. But there are plenty of ways...

These 12 Youtube channels will keep you entertained during self-quarantine

Almost 5 billion Youtube videos are being watched everyday, as the reports say. Whatever you want to find, with a video clip, of course...

Latest news

Couscous Kitchen: A home-cooked meal of North African flavors

Couscous Kitchen was started as one of the many cloud kitchen concepts launched by the team behind Penthouse and Pegaz Solutions, and the idea was to bring this home-cooked meal to everyone wishing to explore the tastes and flavors of the most famous North African dish.

Fine Dining Delivered by Chef ORNG – 2018 Chef of the Year

Chef ORNG, known for his creativity and experimentation, just launched a four course dinner delivered to your door - a plated dinner, warm enough to be immediately served as it arrives, with all the plates collected the next day. The only thing missing from this fine dining experience is the waiter and sommelier.

Films postponed due to COVID-19

Cinema-goers have another reason to hate the pandemic with all the much-awaited films delayed. In this list, you'll find...
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