Wednesday, August 5, 2020


What’s on Netflix July 2020

A new month is upon us and a bunch of new content is coming to Netflix. The streaming giant’s strategy tries to cater to...

What’s on Netflix June 2020

Our recommendation of TV shows, films, comedy shows and everything you can watch on Netflix as a substitution of our Cinema section due to...

Streaming Now in May 2020

Streaming Now is a series of TV shows, films, comedy shows and everything you can watch on Streaming apps available in Myanmar as a...

Top 5 movies to make you howl with laughter

With the world under lockdown, it is all too easy to let negativity get the better of us. But there are plenty of ways...

These 12 Youtube channels will keep you entertained during self-quarantine

Almost 5 billion Youtube videos are being watched everyday, as the reports say. Whatever you want to find, with a video clip, of course...

Latest news

[New Opening] HOUSE OF BREAD – French Bread in Yangon

House of Bread is a French artisanal bakery cafe inspired by the French boulangerie. They offer different varieties of European pastries alongside freshly customized coffee beans.

Full Moon Day of Waso

The Waso Full Moon Day on 3rd August marks the beginning of Vassa, or the Buddhist Lent, that lasts...

Fate and fortune: A guide to Myanmar’s mysticism

Many Buddhists try to understand what lies ahead in the future with the help of diviners and clairvoyants. Here are the most common types of divination you may find in Myanmar.
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