What is it?


This week, I visited a restaurant which is a new face to me although it’s been over a year since opening. Dory Garden is a seafood restaurant offering fabulous menus based on dory fish, shrimp, mussel, squid and so on. Being a fusion restaurant, they create their menu in the collaboration style of European and Asian.


The atmosphere



The restaurant was spacious enough for 3 big families and other 6 small groups to be seated. The design was simple with black & white decoration and wooden furniture. ‘Clean and quiet’ almost could describe the atmosphere unless they only played soft melodies as background music.


The menu and recommendation


Starting from appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, main dishes, pastas and also special sharing trays of seafood can be enjoyed. The price range is between 4,570 Ks – 42,570 Ks which I think is a bit overpriced for the portion of each. You can learn about their menus here.



We selected Seafood Marinara pasta (12,770 Ks), Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (8,570 Ks) and Burning Hot Prawns (14,770 Ks).  The pasta was a little sour for my liking while the other two had a pleasant taste. The salad was good like a normal typical Caesar salad. 



This is one of their special main menus, Burning hot prawns, in which the prawns are marinated with sweet and hot sauce, topped up with melted cheese torched by a cooking torch, some vegetables and blue ocean rice which is rice infused with butterfly pea flower. Since butterfly pea flower is good for health, older people tend to prefer this menu. 

For the hot rice lover like me, it’d be better to order the butter rice version since you will get only cold rice with the butterfly pea version which tends to be bitter if heated.


Final Thought


Through the meal, I did enjoy the attentive service by the staff and the waiting time was shorter than I expected. For the taste, I am not very sure about that, maybe because I am not a prawn-person and chose the wrong dish. But it was worth trying for a new experience of dining in a local European seafood house for the first time.


  • Address : No.1219, 37 Ward, Pinlon Road, North Dagon township, Yangon.
  • Phone : 09 791 947146
  • Hours : 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Final Thought on Dory Garden
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dory-garden-restaurantIt was a delightful and good experience for me.


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