Since one of our happiest moments : “the Pay day” is getting pretty close, I would like to add another delectable chop house on your eatery-bucket list.


What is it and the atmosphere?



It is a tiny chop house called “Burmese Grill House” that offers different kinds of grilled meat, seafood and a couple of spaghetti. Located at No. 103, Waizayandar Road, 3 Ward, South Okkalapa township, Yangon, it’s a tranquil location to chill with your best friends. Given the vibe of a neighborhood small bistro, you don’t have to dress up too much to visit there. Casual wear would be the best dress code.


They started off as a mini cart in late 2019 selling just a couple of grilled meat. Later, they got some loyal customer base owing to the high quality taste of their menus and were able to start up this small grill house. It’s been around only 6-7 months in this location.


Menu and Recommendation


 The house offers a variety of grilled meats, chicken, pork, pork rib, beef, prawn and chicken wings with some fries including prawn and vegetables. They only use local meat with high quality and charcoal grill-method which can give the authentic taste and aura of a grilled meat.


Three types of spaghetti, spicy garlic prawn spaghetti, seafood spaghetti with tomato sauce and the famous carbonara can be enjoyed.


For the drinks, they have coffee, beer (Carlsberg and Corona), and some soft drinks including soda. 

Their price range starts from 5000 Ks to 12,000 Ks at most which I think is super affordable for everyone. With the big portion they give for each plate can make you full and it’s a fair match for quality, too.



On that day, I tried Spicy Spaghetti with prawn (5000 Ks), Grilled beef (10,000 Ks) and Grilled chicken wings (5,000 Ks). All of them were really delicious and the grilled meat tasted really soft and juicy which were accompanied by grilled okra, potato and Thailand sauce. The spicy spaghetti had a little light taste but it didn’t disappoint me at all. 

If I had to choose the best one, grilled chicken wings satisfied me the best with the quality and taste which was worth more than 5,000 Ks.


Final Thought


Among countless pricey steakhouses in Yangon, it’s such a blessing to discover this kind of tasty and fair bistro during these days. Local meat and the brilliant technique of grilling are creating their menus and I would say I enjoyed a beautiful moment there. Since it’s a small location, it’d be the best to visit on a clear evening without rain. Casual and comfortable wear would be the best dress code, too.


  • Address : No. 103, Waizayandar Road, 3 Ward, South Okkalapa township, Yangon. (Right next to Sein and Mya Living Center)
  • Ph number : 09 250 188 363
  • Opening Hours : 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (closed on every Thursday)
  • Rating : Food : 10 / Ambience : 7 / Service : 6
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