The Plant House Café


Everyone has a day when you want to hang out in a cozy spot offering a relaxing embrace or kill your time in some green scenery to relieve your weekdays’ stress.

Would you believe me if I say you can enjoy both activities in one single place?











Photos are from the Plant House Cafe’s Facebook


Here’s the Plant House Café which is a cute coffee shop in Sanchaung township with a unique combination of coffee, books, and plants.

This little oasis where we can snuggle in a corner of it with our favorite book in hand and a cup of swirling golden brown coffee on the table with greenery as the background could be your ideal comfort area.











It is a two-floored mini building packed with plants in which smoking is not allowed. The first floor is filled with small tables, bookshelves, plants, and a coffee bar under the dim light. Upstairs is the sitting-on-floor type and it’s comfier for me.








The cafe serves American fast food, European food, healthy food, Shan and Burmese cuisines which are quite reasonable for their quality. Moreover, the names of their menus are really sensible and memorable. The spicy noodle series could be the most popular one there. For drinks, you can get Burmese brewed coffee, May Myo drip coffee, seasonal drinks, and smoothies.


Moreover, the café also sells souvenirs such as essential oils, aroma candles, tea bags, coffee powder, and handicrafts that are locally made. There is a weekly Sunday pop-up sale for them. They used to sell plants before. Then they stopped at the beginning of this year to focus more on the quality of food and drinks.

Photos are from the Plant House Cafe’s Facebook


“Green and Slow” will be the focus theme for this year while remaining an environmentally friendly space that reduces the use of plastic and energy. You can donate your unwanted books and support a reading culture there. This cafe was built on a load of great ideas and intentions. I really wish for a better future for them and hope you all drop by.


Here’s the address – No-33 Nyaung Tone St, San Chaung Township, Yangon.

“ Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee “

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