Where do you head if you have an accident, or if your child’s fever is reaching a terrifying level? 

The last few years have seen a radical change in the delivery of hospital services to expats and travellers.  

The latest technology and highest quality medical services have entered Yangon, delivered from Singapore, Thailand and beyond.  

Now we are in uncharted territory as COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the world and while Myanmar’s borders have kept at bay any confirmed cases there are questions of the capability of health services in any country to manage a pandemic. 

Yet behind the scenes, the Ministry of Health and Sport (MOHS) and hospitals are designing intensive strategies to cope with a potential pandemic that may place unprecedented pressure on the embryonic health services. 

International support is in the pipeline as the Singapore Government (04.03.2020) donated 3000 testing kits and the World Bank allocated $12 billion to assist developing nations strengthen their response as the virus spreads.

Singapore’s response has wowed the world establishing a blueprint response. 

Quarantine centers have been created out of Student Accommodation for travelers, and Stay At Home Orders enables social isolation for locals.  The Government has established Contact Tracing to track a person’s movements through buses, trains, churchs, anywhere where there is a ‘prolonged exposure’ risk, and within a 6-foot radius.

That’s the challenge Myanmar may face with an outbreak.  

Currently MOHS guidelines direct that anyone symptomatic of COVID-19 will be transferred to the Wai Ber Gi Infectious Hospital, while the kits are being managed by the National Health Laboratory.

In the event of an outbreak some quarantining within hospitals will be permitted.  Leading hospitals such as Ar Yu Hospital, have been granted permission to treat patients with complications such as heart and lung issues, in converted isolation rooms.

Myanmore has worked with Yangon International Hospitals to explain their capacity to cope in the event of a pandemic and explore some of the critical aspects of the Yangon Health Service that may be different to other national systems.

Calling an Ambulance: Most countries have an ambulance pool, and one emergency number, such as 991.  Here, every hospital has their own ambulance station. In the case of an emergency call the hospital or a one-way trip in a Taxi maybe quicker.

Accidents:   After an accident, the Emergency Care and Treatment Law, (2014) states that when a private hospital admits a person only primary care can be administered to stabilise the patient before transferring them to Yangon General Hospital, for police investigation.

Ar Yu International Hospital

Address400, Kyaik Ka San Road, Tamwe Township, Yangon

24 hours Call Center Languages: local and English

Phone: (01) 9376200

Emergency Services, Ambulance: (01) 9376200

Website: http://www.aryuhospital.com


Ar Yu International Hospital was opened in 2018 to provide specialist and general services, including pediatrics and Wellness Center provided by cutting edge medical technology. 

With a license for 200 beds the hospital extended its care capacity to provide homecare and Hotel call services, a first for Yangon.

Every Medical Officer (GP’s) and Specialists are fluent in English, many visiting from Thailand.

Medical Officers:  There are 45 Medical Officers.

Specialist Services:  There are 250 specialists including internationally renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Banyong Vettayawaikoon (Thai doctor) and internal medicine physician, Dr. Worapoj Rarak (Thai doctor).

Response to the Coronavirus:

Everyone entering the hospital is screened. Suspected cases of COVID-19 will be placed in an isolation room attached to the Emergency Department.

As per Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar (MOHS) guidelines, anyone symptomatic of COVID-19 will be transferred to the Wai Ber Gi Infectious Hospital.

However, for prevention of COVID-19, to protect staff from infection, Emergency Teams will question patients on symptoms before treatment.

Insurance: The hospital will work with all patients to ensure coverage of hospital services by international and local insurance companies.

Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital

Website:  https://www.punhlaingsiloamhospitals.com

Address: Pun Hlaing Estate Avenue, Hlaing Thar Yar Township, Yangon

Emergency Services:  01 368 4411 including free ambulance delivery to hospital

24 Hour Call Center Languages: English, Local.  Mandarin, and Japanese can be arranged.


Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital (PHSH) was established in 2005 with 170 bed capacity and in 2017 became the first hospital in Myanmar to be awarded the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval for patient safety and quality by meeting the accreditation standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI), USA. 

During International Women’s Day PHSH became the first hospital in the world to earn the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality.

The hospital has formed a strong relationship with international clients. Services include an International Patient Assistance Center (IPAC) to provide a ‘one-stop service’. This includes consultations with specialists, personalized patient care using state-of-the-art equipment. (+95 97 78 78 78 52)

Insurance: Direct Billing of International insurance and medical assistance companies.

Specialist Services:

The hospital services cover most specialist areas of medical care including Neurosciences, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Plastics, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, rehabilitation, pathology and emergency services. 

Specialist Services:  114 overseas and local specialists.

Medical Officers: 115 in house residents

Response to Coronavirus:

Since day one of the outbreak, PHSH formed a COVID-19 Command Centre to plan for the potential worst-case scenario. Today, plans are in order to mobilize a necessary buffer to deal with a major outbreak, in accordance with WHO and MOHS guidelines.

The hospital has created strict protocols and provides community education.

The hospital has standard 5 isolation rooms and can convert 18 beds into an isolation ward in an emergency.

Grand Hantha International Hospital (GHIH)

Website: http://www.grandhantha.com

Address: No.3, Corner of Nar Nat Taw Street, Kyee Myindaing Kanner Road, Kamaryut, Yangon, Myanmar

Emergency contact: 09 423 423 600, 09 423 423 500

24 hour Call Center Languages: English and Burmese

Ambulance Service: 4 Ambulances, 24/7.

Overview: GHIH is Myanmar’s first International Institution with integration of advanced healthcare programs led by highly skilled medical staff and is enabled by cutting-edge technology and modern facilities. 

Established in 2017, GHIH is designed according to the highest international standard and is one of Myanmar’s largest private hospitals.

The 700 beds the hospital services include Inpatient Care, Maternity Ward, Operating Theatre with 24-hour in-house physicians & pediatricians.

Specialist Services: As a multispecialty hospital there are approximately 300 specialists including local specialists, and foreign trained or international doctors. 

Centers & Clinics: Day Surgery, Dental, Diabetes and Audiology Center

Response to Coronavirus: For Coronavirus, the hospital has a prepared Standard Operating Procedure for suspected cases according to the Ministry of Health Myanmar and also the hospital is performing screening services at our every entrance to our hospital.

Samitivej International Clinic and Parami General Hospital 

Address: Samitivej International Clinic:  9E/2.Kabar Aye Pagoda Road,Ward No.(7), Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Parami General Hospital: No 60 (G-1) Parami Road, 11th floor Mayangone Township

24 hour Call Center Languages: local and English 

Phone: Samitivej Clinic +95 1 656 732 Parami:  01 657 987

Emergency Services: Parami Hospital operates one ambulance.  Call: 0931911541, 09331911542


Samitivej operates out of two centers, Samitivej International Clinic and Parami Hospital

With three Medical Officers, Samitivej offers a range of primary, educational and medical assessment services.

Parami Hospital:  The hospital provides essential Women’s and children’s hospital services for both local and international patients. Generalist services are patient focused and with a holistic approach, backed by cutting edge medical technology.

Medical Officers:  One permanent and three local, internationally trained MO’s

Specialist Services:  Two part time specialist are available, with expertise in Obstetrics and gynecology and Orthopedics.

Insurance:  Billing services for insurance companies are provided

COVID-19 Response: The hospital is running a Public health awareness campaign to the public sector, corporate companies and embassies.

To assist you getting to a hospital in an Emergency, we suggest you photocopy the following box or take a photo on your phone. Two statements have been translated into Burmese. The first to request a taxi driver to take you to the international hospital, the second to ask someone, a neighbor or someone in the street to ring an ambulance.

For Burmese written instructions on asking a taxi driver to take you to an International Hospital or Burmese instructions asking a neighbour or someone in the street to call an ambulance click here: 

Ar Yu International Hospital

အာယုေဆးရံု ေက်းဇူးျပဳ၍အာယုေဆးရံုကိုပို႔ေပးပါ လိပ္စာ – အမွတ္ ၄၀၀, က်ိဳက္ကၠဆံလမ္း, တာေမြၿမိဳ႕နယ္, ရန္ကုန္ အေရးေပၚေဆးရံုကားေခၚေပးပါ- 01 937 6200

Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital

ပန္းလွိုင္စီလံုေဆးရံု ေက်းဇူးျပဳ၍ပန္းလွိုင္စီလံုေဆးရံုကိုပို႔ေပးပါ လိပ္စာ – ပန္းလွိုင္ေဂါက္ကြင္းအိမ္ရာ, လွိုင္သာယာၿမိဳ႕နယ္, ရန္ကုန္ အေရးေပၚေဆးရံုကားေခၚေပးပါ – 01 368 4411

Grand Hantha International Hospital

ဂရန္းဟန္သာေဆးရံု ေက်းဇူးျပဳ၍ဂရန္းဟန္သာေဆးရံုကိုပို႔ေပးပါ လိပ္စာ – အမွတ္ ၃, နာနတ္ေတာလမ္းေထာင့္, ၾကည့္ျမင္တိုင္ကမ္းနားလမ္း, ကမာရြတ္ၿမိဳ႕နယ္, ရန္ကုန္ အေရးေပၚေဆးရံုကားေခၚေပးပါ- 09 423 423 600, 09 423 423 500

Parami General Hospital

ပါရမီေဆးရံု ပါရမီေဆးရံုကိုပို႔ေပးပါ လိပ္စာ- အမွတ္ ၆၀, ပါရမီလမ္းသစ္, မရမ္းကုန္းၿမိဳ႕နယ္, ရန္ကုန္ အေရးေပၚေဆးရံုကားေခၚေပးပါ- 09 319 115 41, 09 331 911 542
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