Hidden away at the end of a long and quiet street in a residential area of Bahan, surrounded by imposing stately houses, is one of the best-kept secrets in Yangon. True to one of the realizations of the new millennium, that a spa is as much about lifestyle and wellness as it is about beauty, La Source Luxury Spa is an oasis for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

For over twenty years, La Source has offered Yangonites a secluded sanctuary for relaxation and self-care, although the spa has only been at its current location for the last five years. Walking inside the mansion-turned-spa, guests are immediately greeted with a smile, soothing hot tea, and the scents of jasmine and lavender.

Inside, the decoration feels a bit too homely, like a two-story living room with dangling chandeliers, floral oil paintings, and Persian carpets in almost every room. The downstairs area houses the hair salon, and a vast display of beauty products and perfumes imported from Canada, Spain, and France. But upstairs is where the true magic happens. 

If you are not a regular spa visitor, and ‘facials’ sound to you like a glorified face wash, then perhaps the Signature 24-gold-karat facial might not be the right choice. Instead, you could start off with an oxygen-infused facial, which uses 98% pure oxygen to penetrate into your skin’s deepest layers. The facial is perfectly complemented by transitioning into a tension-relieving back massage or an aromatic body scrub. For the more adventurous spa-goers, La Source offers the only infrared sauna in Yangon, an innovative treatment that uses light to create heat, and a recent ‘hot’ craze among celebrities around the world.

Whatever treatment you end up selecting, the spa’s staff will make sure you are not disappointed. Moe Thida, a masseuse who has worked for La Source since its beginning, twenty years ago, is a magician of skincare treatments. Applying layer after layer of designer concoctions, squeezing unwanted ‘impurities’ out of sweat-clogged pores, and blowing extra chilled air to a hyper massaged skin, the final peeling feels like the shedding of an old skin. 

Their popular ‘leg and foot’ massage is no less gratifying. If you agree with the saying that “if it doesn’t hurt a little bit, it means it’s not working,” then you will find these massages to be truly effective. The masseuse’s golden touch is the perfect antidote to the typical Yangon-dweller’s woes of long working hours, and traffic-inspired muscle tension.   

La Source Spa spares no effort in making these treatments as holistic and immersive as possible. With heated towels, cold compresses for the eyes, and tailored services, undoubtedly, this spa is designed for winding down and relaxing. Its atmospheric music, floral-themed massage rooms, and the staff’s amazing customer care, are all testimony of their devotion to the luxury spa experience… A perfect destination for wellness in a restless city.

Address: 12E, Inya Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon
Tel: 01 512 380
Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

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