“Chef du Moment” Shaun Langdon‘s menu has a new, contemporary approach that sees the mixing of worldwide blossoms in a time tested East-meets-West form at Novotel Yangon Max.

His enthusiasm for crisp fixings radiates through his dishes. Vivid and straightforward, he grandstands his fun loving nature with mixings and blending; for example, his signature Miso cured salmon carpaccio, smoked jam, grapefruit, Edamame and coriander and beef bavette with smoked corn, beetroot kimchi and herbs.

The action takes place at Novotel’s Le Cellier—a dazzling wine bar and eatery highlighting straightforward bona fide French food and amazing views of the Shwedagon Pagoda. It has a stroll-in wine basement and an exhibition divider designed by local craftsmen.

The mouth-watering menu is coordinated with a broad wine list which boasts more than 100 wine names and 500 containers. The decor (and even the cutlery) blend attractive dark tones.

So let’s talk about the food: A smoked jam, grapefruit, edamame joined with coriander and salmon for starter, and then a Miso cured salmon carpaccio. The salmon was heavenly, as was the essence of blended coriander and grapefruits.

Up next was a raw wagyu with potato fondant and dashi, created in a Japanese cooking style in which the chef blended the beef cattle with dashi for an essence of East and West.

Another starter was the mussels with white wine margarine, pangrattato and fennels in an almost soup, a delicious combination of mussels with fennels and wine spread.

For the main, I began with steamed halibut with ginger oil and radish cuts. The fish was delicate, flavorful and delightful. That was my second most loved dish of his menu.

Also, the duck accompanied with lyonnaise puree, yogurt and the sauce of his own was superb. Duck can sometimes be too filling in a three-course meal, but this addition was not—it looked and tasted great.

Finally we came to the feel-good song that is dessert: caramelized blueberries with grapefruits and orange granita differed by yogurt and the citrus-enhanced sorbet produced using sweetened water—it was delightfully sweet.

Spending the evening at Le Cellier was a recommendable experience. Try Shaun’s spectacular culinary dishes, starting from 21 February to 10 March at Le Cellier Wine Bar at the 14th floor of Novotel Yangon Max. For your reservation, contact 01 230 5858. Check the set menu options below:

Set menu options
Savory menu: 50 Usd — Choice of 2 starters, 1 main & 1 dessert
Indulgence menu: 60 Usd — Choice of 2 starters, 2 mains & 1 dessert

Starters: Miso cured salmon carpaccio, Fennel, mussels, B.B.Q eggplant, Pomme anna, boudin noir or Raw wagyu.
Main: Brisee tart, Steamed Halibut, Crispy skinned spring chicken, Roasted and pressed duck or Beef bavette.
Desserts: Caramelized blueberries, Jersey milk flan or Coconut & lime.

Le Cellier – 14th floor, Novotel Yangon Max – 459 Pyay Road, Kamayut Township.

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