Combo Set ( 22nd Aug – 21st Sep 2016 )

Combo -1 Medium Size Extra Cheesy Sausage Bites Pizza x1 + 6 pcs Chickent Wings + Soft Drink x2 – 22,000 Kyats

Combo – 2 Medium Size Extra Cheesy Sausage Bites Pizza x1 + Any Salad + Any Pizza + Pitcher Soft Drink x1 – 32,000 Kyats

New Crispy Thin Pizza ( from 6th Sep onwards)
New Crispy Thin Pizza Medium – 6000 Kyats Large – 10,000 Kyats Available in 2 toppings (Chili BBQ Chicken & Tropical Sausage)

Durian Sundae ( 19th Aug – 30th Oct 2016 )

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Store locations: Dagon Centre I, Ocean Shwe Gone Dine, Myanmar Plaza outlets.

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