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From mountains of Kalaw to the lowlands of Nyaung Shwe, travellers usually spend a few days on either side of the famous Shan state trek. Tired tourists at end of the journey usually tour Inle Lake, maybe cycle to the edge of town. If you’re looking to do something a bit different, the Bamboo Delight Cooking Class is highly recommended.

The owner of Bamboo Delight, goes by Sue, runs the classes outside of her home. She started the venture with the encouragement of a German tourist couple who she met while in the hospitality industry. Her father taught her to be kind and open to foreigners, now she teaches hundreds of them every year. Sue’s english skills, original recipes and noticeable passion all contributed to a climbing buzz about Bamboo Delight cooking school. Eventually, it earned a TripAdvisor recommendation.

Lemongrass Chicken Curry!

You don’t really make Inle cuisine at Bamboo Delight, Sue admits the menu is more of a mix between Shan, Thai and Burmese. For example, the Fish Dumplings are steamed in Banana leaves, which is seemingly Shan. The Lemongrass Chicken Curry tastes closer to Thai. The Bean and Tea leaf Salad is a clear connect to  Burmese. So the theme of the food is a bit scattered, but all equally delicious and fresh.

Fish Dumplings! Beans, tomato, fish, flour and various spices steamed in a banana leaf!

One person can cook one appetizer and one entree. The choices change depending on the season, but you can expect dumplings and Lemongrass Chicken Curry to be constant staples.

Banana Leaf Salad!

Sue, her husband and another staff member will walk you through each step. The hardest part is remembering all of the spices. All of the ingredients are local, except for the coconut milk.

Cutting up lemongrass

The owner is a truly amazing woman who has overcome considerable odds to get to the place she is today. Once the cooking is over, she will most likely hand you a copy of her life-story which is roughly 8 pages long. It may sound like a presumptuous gesture, but the raw spirit of this aspiring cook makes the narrative a compelling and emotional read.

The stoves you’ll be working with!

Think about setting aside 2-3 hours for Bamboo Delight at the end for your upcoming Shan State trek. It’s only 20,000 Ks a person. If you call ahead, you can help pick out the ingredients at the local market! A portion of your money goes to funding the local elementary school, the rest goes to an amazing family dedicated to helping the town of Nyaung Shwe.



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