Do you feel like being unplugged from new entertainment and struggling with which channel to subscribe so that you can follow those trends? Here’s the ticket to take a ride full of entertaining and fun Burmese channels for you. 

Since compiling a list of “the best” channels is impossible, the channels on my list are only my preference and some of them may not match your taste.


Tagu Music



Tagu Music hosts live performances and interviews of the new Burmese artists. A range of musicians from different genres perform an intimate concert of their greatest hits. Sometimes, you can see big names like Pone Yape and Kaiza Tin Moong but you can also discover underrated artists which you have never heard of before. Some artists I would like to recommend are Square Lake Pirates, Cry of hope and the Pink Nation



Asher official



This young artist is a talented beatboxer and you can see a lot of videos related to beatboxing and his passion behind it as well. Videos of Busking on the street, Tutorial Tips for new learners, Reaction videos from strangers, a lot of entertaining clips can be seen on his channel. I also enjoy watching his Acapella covers of some songs. He recently won in the beatbox battle hosted by the Dance Box Championship





Jimmy is an influencer who uploads videos about sneakers, latest technological trends, untold stories behind the famous brands and things about non-fungible tokens (NFT). He was a former Seaman (a Marine Engineer) who decided to follow his real dream of making videos and creating content. You will get fascinated by how advanced the technology is right now and you can get to know the cultures of the world’s best selling sneakers.


Cinema Boulevard



Cine Boulevard is a Facebook page that explores the world of cinema, movies and series. You will also learn more about the movie stars and their interesting biography. Weekend recommendations are the best part since you will find a lot of gems of the cinema that you have never watched. They also distribute their E-Magazine once a month and you can see how to order it here. So, follow their channel if you are a fan of film entertainment and want to read really interesting topics about pop culture, reviews of films, shows and your favorite celebrities.



Comedy in the city



Last but not least, let me bring out one of my most-watched channels, the Comedy in the City. 

“A simple guy making people laugh”. Like his motto, Ye Wunna creates witty-comedy videos with a high quality. He got the massive fame from creating videos by narrating the Burmese films into a fine chucklesome version. Some of his videos feature product placements (PPL) and collaboration with other talented animators. Among all the content he made, topics related to fine dining restaurants, Phone king’s advertisement and game shows are epic ones.


Feel free to share your thoughts about my list and you can add your favorite channels in the comment box as well. Let’s watch fun videos together online and laugh in real-time.

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