In Yangon, the trend of butcher shops which sell international premium meats is steadily growing despite the famous local meat stalls which can easily be found in colorful street markets.

What is it?

Stepping into the premium meat’s world, this fresh Butcher store, “Master Cut” was newly opened last month and still in a soft opening stage. It is located on Parami Road, Mayangone Township, near Parami Hospital. Being titled as “a pioneer butcher shop”, this kind of retail meat shop can’t be seen anywhere and it’s a blessing for meat lovers like me.

The Quality

Various kinds of high-quality and premium meats are there including Black Angus Heart Steak from Australia, Wagyu beef and Kobe Wine Beef from Japan.

Pork lovers will be also delighted by Spanish pork and the store’s signature sausage made with pork from Thailand. The price range for beef starts from 11,000 Ks to 45,000 Ks for 100 g and the sausage is 3,500Ks per 100 g.

Since the director of the store is a chef himself, he knows his meats and the best ways to prepare them. He reassured that their meats and sauces were directly imported from their respective countries of origin and so the quality was reliable. The meats last up to 6 months in the freezer after the package is opened.

He also said: “I want my customers to experience the best and that’s why I started this store”.

The Atmosphere

The store is small yet cozy, decorated with black marble tiles, marble meat tables and plinth tall tables which make it look luxurious.  The meat fridges lit by purple light and the grass mat underneath is, in my view, a unique idea of expressing the cow meat on the field.

Beside meats, they sell sauces, rubs, BBQ grill tools and Japanese BBQ grill wooden bases which are neatly displayed on the racks.

Final Thought

As a meat lover who didn’t know very well about meat, I appreciated how the staff explained attentively about their products and suggested the recipes during my visit. I could see the well-trained service offered there.

I bought a pack of the signature pork sausage, it was super delicious and was worth paying 12,000 Ks for the quality.


Even though it felt a little limited in space without any seating in the store now, they said there would be more programs like serving wines to the waiting customers in the future. 

The grand opening is said to be after the rainy season, in November or December. The lucky draw program for the first 100 customers is still valid and you shouldn’t miss it. All in all, it was a great experience for me and I would like to visit again after the official opening.

  • Address : No 12, Parami Road, Mayangone Township, near Parami Hospital, Yangon.
  • Ph number : 09 972 236020
  • Opening Hours : 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Closed on Monday)
  • Rating : Food : 9 / Ambience : 7 / Service : 8


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