It is in crisis that strong partnerships are often born. Myanmar Kitchen, a locally registered NGO providing humanitarian aid to families affected by current situation, has in the last few weeks managed to sign up several restaurants to support with food – Golden Duck, Rangoon Tea House and Foodfare. This enables them to distribute 1,200 meals everyday to the Hlaingthayar Township. Many other organisations have also supported by donating raw materials etc.
How does it work?
Myanmar Kitchen collect donations from around the world and use this money to buy raw materials. Then volunteers within communities help to cook and prepare meals and distribute it to needy people.
About Myanmar Kitchen
Myanmar Kitchen team provides Humanitarian Aid to people in need, people that might have lost their job and are unable to provide their families. This is especially workers on daily wages who don’t have any savings.
How to be involved and donate?
Check their Facebook page for correct donation details using Kpay and Wave

For only $7 you can feed a kid for 1 week.

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