Although there is no COVID-19 positive found in Myanmar, the state-level Thingyan Water Festival (Burmese New Year) has been canceled and crowded events are prohibited till 30th April 2020 over the global pandemic threat declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). The prohibition period will be increased if necessary.

Since COVID-19 can spread faster in crowded areas hence, locals are not permitted to participate in crowded events and festivals (including pandals for Thingyan Festival). The Committee of Prevention and Precaution of Pneumonia related to COVID-19, which was formed on 30th January 2020, was upgraded to National Level Central Committee on 13th March 2020. The people may still splash water in the streets but at a smaller scale.

The Ministry of Health and Sports is also declaring news and reports to the public on COVID-19 patients who are on the watch and there is still no COVID-19 positive patient till 22:00 on 12th March 2020.

Therefore, citizens are advised not to panic on false rumors of the disease, to follow the rules and information disclaimed by the Ministry of Health and Sports and to report to nearest healthcare centers if COVID-19 suspected patients are found.

Please see the official statements from the President Office below.

This article will be updated if more information has been announced by the government officials. Meanwhile please don’t panic over the fake news, keep an eye on the Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar and Myanmar President Office Facebook pages (with blue marks). Most important of all, don’t forget to wash your hands all the time!

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