Yangon has plenty of ordinary spas, HLA Lifestyle Wellness Center is not one of them. Located in the Northeast area of Inya Lake, this 5,000 square meter sanctuary for wellbeing is much more than your regular spa, it is a true sanctuary of holistic wellbeing.

Run by an impressive team of 113 staff members, the spacious grounds encompass two buildings, a luscious garden, multiple fountains, and parking space. The three-storied main building has more than twenty private rooms dedicated to massages and wellness treatments. The rooms vary in size, from one-person rooms with a nice view to large multi-bed rooms that accommodate big groups. Inside, the calming color palette of greys, sky-blues, and gold is complemented by geometric wooden wall panels and door frames, bright natural light, and a shimmering glow reflected from the water surfaces of the fountains.

HLA Lifestyle Wellness Center is different from other local spas in the mindfulness with which it integrates all aspects of relaxation, resulting in a total, comprehensive experience of wellness. This is not a place where one simply gets a massage and goes home; here, wellness is a full retreat, an immersive practice that must be honored appropriately.

What is more, at HLA wellness is a family affair. There is really something for everyone here. Wellness is, after all, not just about the health of the body, but also about the calmness of mind. Considering this, HLA provides peace of mind to its guests by offering a Kid’s Club where children can play and be minded while parents unwind and take a break from the stress of parenting. For privacy-inclined women, HLA offers HLA Women, located on the second floor, an all-female refuge for beauty and privacy. Here, all treatments are given exclusively to women by women.

For those looking to relax in groups, or to celebrate an event with collective unwinding, HLA customizes private events, offering party planning, menus, and decoration. And for more intimate celebrations, HLA’s VIP Suites can be booked hourly, including spa services – a popular choice for bridal showers and engagement parties (an awesome idea. Spa party anyone?)

Of course, no holistic wellness treatment would be complete without addressing the body, mind, and spirit. At HLA, the spa treatments are meant for replenishing the spirit, child-minding and impeccable design for calming the mind, and a delicious restaurant menu aimed at nourishing the body. This integrated approach to wellbeing comes at a price, though. The treatments at this upscale spa are objectively pricey.

HLA’s Breeze Restaurant, with available indoor seating as well as on the rooftop terrace, offers wholesome meals and drinks without being health-preachy – there’s a well-stocked bar on the breezy rooftop, offering enticing cocktails as well as champagne. The menu changes seasonally, focusing always on offering quality ingredients and crowd-pleasing flavors. The juices, yogurt, ice cream, and noodles are homemade, delicious treats for that post-slimming-treatment-hunger.

One of the most popular treatments at HLA is the HLA Hot Stones Massage, a surprisingly relaxing massage using heated stones – definitely not for the squirmish or those with ultra-sensitive skin. However, if you manage to overcome the initial blistering sensation of half-boiling stones against your skin you will find the flat smooth sizzling stones are actually ideal for loosening tight muscles, a perfect stress-buster.

Another beloved treatment is the Classic Nourishing Facial, performed by talented masseuses whose finger movements resemble a butterfly’s flight more than the anatomy of a human hand. This soothing facial treatment exfoliates without irritating, creating a lasting warm glow in the skin.

HLA Lifestyle Wellness Center is an experience – although admittedly a pricey one – involving all the senses, encompassing sight (impeccable decoration and architecture), sound (or lack of any disturbing noises other than soft, calming music), touch (gifted hands providing deeply relaxing treatments), as well as taste and smell (delightful food and drinks at Breeze restaurant), all in all, the ultimate place for wellbeing.

Address: 62/B, U Tun Nyein Street, 10 Ward, Mayangone Township, Yangon
Tel: 09 953 390099
Hours: 10 am – 12 am

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