It doesn’t matter where you’re from—Japan, Korea, China, Thailand—noodles are international. Throughout this guide, we explore the many Ramen, the Japanese twist to hand-pulled La Mian noodles—shops in Yangon.

Ramen Monster

Classic Tonkotsu Ramen

Widely popular for its gargantuan Monster Ramen Challenge, it has several branches in Yangon. Personally, my experience at the Myanmar Plaza branch was amazing; the manager was really generous with the servings and the service was fast. Explore different choices in ramen such as their signature Tonkotsu or Spicy Miso choices which can be quite cheap considering their generous contents. A simple set of ramen, dumplings, and extra noodles won’t exceed 10k and make you pretty full. Don’t dig in right away, the broth is really hot—it’s not fun to singe your tongue.  

Address 1: Basement K (5/6), Hledan Centre, Kamayut Tsp
Address 2: Food City, Myanmar Plaza, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Tsp
Hours: 10am – 9pm


Located in downtown, Junction City,  Ippudo serves hot noodle soups to warm your body and soul. Ramen Ippudo, or Hakata Ippūdō as it is known in Japan whereas you may think their ramen selection which ranges from 5k to 10k, it is actually way cheaper than most high-end ramen even in Japan. Ramen Ippudo also specializes in Tonkotsu with a rich pork bone broth with a rather soft type of noodles—as opposed to the chewy al dente noodles offered by most ramen shops. So if you’re a fan of soft noodles, check Ippudo out!

Address: No. 506, Level 5, Junction City Corner Of Bogyoke Aung San Road &, Shwedagon Pagoda Rd, Yangon
Tel: 09 965 628838
Hours: 9am – 9pm

Ramen Bar

Sapporo Miso Ramen

You’d expect a ramen place to be somewhere easily accessible—may it be the notorious street food haven 19th street or crowded business districts like Sule. Ramen bar, at Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and hidden by the flyover bridge, makes it hard to know about the place rather than get there. However, it does make up for it by offering some of the best ramen in the city with its reasonable price point and cozy atmosphere. We recommend you opt for the table upstairs, you’ll know why when you get there. Ramen Bar offers you a taste of Sapporo, a city in Japan, with its signature Miso Ramen which can be described as rich, savory and thick. Prices are quite cheap, taking the food’s exemplary quality in consideration.

Address: No. 17 Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd, Yangon
Tel: 09 42020 302
Hours: 8am – 9:30pm

Jan Jan Jan

Restaurants tend to get lost in the abyss that’s commonly regarded as Myanmar Plaza, with lesser-known places getting buried by BIG franchises. This may be the first time you’re hearing about Jan Jan Jan—or not—but it will surprise you with its arsenal of unique ramen combinations. From Tomato Ramen to traditional Shoyuu Ramen, Jan Jan Jan might have what you’re looking for.

Address: 3rd Floor, Myanmar Plaza, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd, Yangon
Tel: 09 44044 0445
Hours: 10am – 9pm

Yokozuna Yangon

Extra Spicy Spicy Ramen

With a witty name, and a ramen selection that will make you smile; Yokozuna is not far from downtown. It’s a great place to grab some lunch or maybe take your colleagues out for a drink after a long day at work. Even though this is a ramen guide, Yokozuna offers Japanese rice bowls also known as dons; Pork Cutlet rice dubbed Tonkatsu in Japanese; as well as really cheap ice cream sundaes only 1500kyats. They also have great gyoza. Rewind and Ramen!

Address: Corner of Mahar Bandula and Bo Myat Htun Street, In front of Tun Commercial Bank
Tel: 09 777 445009
Hours: 11:30am – 2pm, 5pm – 10m (Closed Sundays)


Ramen and Gyoza.

If you live in Star City or the Thanlyin area, and you’re just craving a bowl of warm ramen, Koi Nobori is known for its Tsukemen and Tan Tan Men—something which I strongly recommend. The staffs are really generous and they’ll give you extra noodles if you ask nicely. Previously part of Ren, Japanese hotpot place next to KoiNobori, it uses high-quality ingredients—most of which you can witness being prepared in the shop’s open kitchen. They, like every Ramen Shop on this list, give out wet towels; something which could help you relax after a hot day out.

Address: Star City-Tower A-5, Thanlyin Township
Tel: 09 262 358 468
Opens 7am – 11pm

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Min Pyae Sone
Min Pyae Sone is an undergraduate student writing about Myanmar art and culture. He was a former Editorial Assistant at Myanmore.


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