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As the curtain rises on the 7th International Fashion Week in Myanmar, meet four of the designers who will be showcasing their designs.

May Myat Waso
Founder of Happy Heart

The reason I wished to participate in the Myanmar International Fashion Week was because I wanted to promote our Myanmar dresses in a modern style. Most of my designs are modernized versions of tradition Myanmar designs but I also include tapestries and painting which are my own special creations. I grew up in Yangon and I have been working in the fashion field for more than 10 years. I have been interested in fashion since I was young.

My greatest ambition as a fashion designer is to promote my elegant Myanmar designs and to share my knowledge to my trainees who study fashion design at my Happy Heart Fashion Design Training Centre.

I like to use fabrics from Alvaasce Fabric Shop. They are sponsoring the International Fashion Week this year. Their fabrics are soft, fine and have beautiful colour, which is why I prefer to use them.

The Alvaasce by Happy Heart collection by May Myat Waso starts at 6pm on 7th December at the Myanmar International Fashion Week at Hexagon Complex.

Phwe & Thet
Founders of Burmese Mahaythi Design Avenue

We are sisters and the founders of Burmese Mahaythi Design Avenue. Becoming fashion designers has been our dream since we understood that creating fashion helps others feel magnificent. We were determined to step into this field once after we both graduated from our MBA degrees. Our Burmese Mahaythi Design Avenue was officially introduced in October 2017 with the celebration of our very first solo-fashion-show.

In terms of our collection for the International Fashion Week, we had an idea to step out of the routine and create something that should be unique and different. So we brainstormed how to surprise the audience with our best efforts. Our collection is inspired from the things that we experience daily but our colour theme will be totally new and hasn’t been done by anyone else yet. Our colour theme is the major focus of our show.

We believe that our collection will give something to the audience. As it is new for us, we encountered so many challenges and try-outs in the process of creating new colour theme and we are excited to wow the audience.

We love to wear free, comfort and fashionable dresses. But it also depends on the occasions and places we have to go. Our motto is “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” In our opinion fashion gives you confidence in yourself.

The Burmese Mahaythi Design Avenue collection by Phwe & Thet starts at 8pm on 7th December at the Myanmar International Fashion Week at Hexagon Complex.

Sandylinn Naing
Founder of Touched by Heart

At this fashion week, my creations are mainly wedding gowns, based on flowers and lace, which are Moe Hti Nann Daw’s greatest fabric ever.

I don’t have any fabric preferences as it changes in accordance with what the customer wants as well as the weather and social trends. Basically I like to create fabulous designs with every kind of fabric!

My greatest ambition is to be a designer who doesn’t need an introduction, but people will recognise my creations as mine.


The Touched by Heart collection by Sandylinn Naing starts at 7pm on 8th December at the Myanmar International Fashion Week at Hexagon Complex.


Mya Pwint Phyu
Founder of Ladies’ Heart Fashion

I grew up in Yangon and the age of 16 I became interested in fashion. Even as a very young girl, I always loved playing with dolls and making clothes for them. When I grew older I loved looking at fashion magazines and designing clothes for myself. Then at 18 I competed and won in the Miss Konica Beauty contest held here by the Konica Company of Singapore. Part of my award was a trip to Singapore and Hong Kong where I learnt the basics of fashion.

For my first show I was inspired by the ancient Rakhine King’s traditional fashion and culture. For the second I got my inspiration from nature, like the rough pointed shapes of rocks found on sea beaches and volcanic explosions. The third round features ideas similar to the second round but they were more elegant and classic men’s wear.

The fabrics I use depend on the theme of my inspiration. For example, in this show liked working with Rakhine traditional hand-woven fabrics in the first round and with imported brocades in the second. I have chosen Rakhine fabrics in order to promote them. I would say that my style is contemporary fashion modified and created from traditional Rakhine fabrics.

My biggest ambition is to introduce my creations and Myanmar traditional fabric and culture to the international market. I want to make unique and traditional men’s and ladies wear, using hand-woven fabrics of cotton and silk. This will also help the disadvantaged, jobless young women presently being trained in tailoring and garment production in the remote border areas of Myanmar.

The Ladies’ Heart collection by Mya Pwint Phyu starts at 7.30pm on 9th December at the Myanmar International Fashion Week at Hexagon Complex.

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