Hidden in an unassuming corner of the famous Lokanat Building is Yhet’s Sushi and Soba. This refined little eatery is quietly serving up some of the city’s best Japanese food. The setting is simple but stylish, with plenty of light wood and large displays of sake bottles. On a weekday lunch, it was empty and I was greeted with a reassuring chorus of “rasshai-masé” and sat myself down at the bar, facing an array of colorful sake bottles.

A variety of sake bottles neatly shelved.

I was immediately presented with a small salad: crisp lettuce, tomato, pepper with a sweet and creamy yet light and delightful sesame dressing. I opted for their sushi and soba lunch set, which comprised five nigiri, plain soba, miso soup for a very reasonable US$15.

I first tackled the zaru soba. I was a little disheartened to find the buckwheat noodles served on a plate rather than a bamboo rack. Visually, the noodles were a little lighter than I expected and I was told they were made fresh here in Myanmar. I too would opt for fresh, locally made noodles over imported dried ones. Although the flavor was on point, they were just a little chewier than I’d hoped for. The tsuyu dipping sauce was delicious as were the slices of spring onion. I inhaled the whole plate.

I moved onto the nigiri. I started with the fatty tuna and as soon as it touched my tongue I knew it was one of the best pieces of sushi I’d had in Yangon. The fish melted in my mouth. The freshness of the tuna was perfectly complemented by subtly salty sweet sticky sushi rice, the heat of wasabi, and the deep richness of soy. The other nigiri—salmon, bream, kohada, flat fish—were equally tasty, though the prawn was a little rubbery.

Miso soup with large pieces of daikon.

The miso soup was a real delight. It was not as rich or salty as miso can be, and had few large pieces of daikon, which had imparted their flavor to the broth. A piece of pork belly was an unexpected, but welcome addition.

Yhet’s wins a lot of points for attention to detail: the sushi was served at room temperature, the fish is flown in fresh, not frozen and the sake selection is impressive. If it wants to secure its place as the best sushi place in town, the only suggestion I have is to grate fresh wasabi root on site rather than use the stuff from a tube.

Address: No.52 GF 37th St(Lower Block) Between Merchant Rd & Strand Rd Tsp, Yangon

Hours11am- 10:30pm

Phone:  01 377 212


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