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Yokozuna: Underrated yet comfortable and big plates

“Irasshaimase!” Something that we hear as we enter Yokozuna Yangon Japanese noodles (Ramen) shop or any other Japanese restaurant in town. According to sumo culture, yokozuna is the highest rank you can...

Teppanyaki at Urban Asia Centre

Satisfy your Japanese food cravings! Teppanyaki on 48th Street x Maha Bandula Road, Botahtaung serves authentic Japanese dishes is located at the ground floor of Urban Asia Center.

Sushi Tei launches new ‘Scrumptious Summer’ menu

Since opening on Dhammazedi Road one year ago, Sushi Tei has brought a wide-ranging Japanese menu to a mix of locals and foreigners that tellingly include many Japanese. Recently it launched its new ‘Scrumptious Summer...

Yhet’s Sushi and Soba review: ‘Quietly serving some of Yangon’s best sushi’

Hidden in an unassuming corner of the famous Lokanat Building is Yhet’s Sushi and Soba. This refined little eatery is quietly serving up some of the city’s best Japanese food. The setting is simple...