The Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


I will be single for this Valentine’s Day. But that is OKAY. Okay? Actually, being single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate on the day—it’s all about having the spirit to do it yourself. Here’s my plan. Feel free to use it or send me your ideas at [email protected] Contact me. Please.

9am—Enjoy a huge breakfast at your favorite restaurant or café. My favorite is the breakfast buffet at Winner Inn on Thanlwin Road from 7-10am daily. For a mere 5,000 kyats you can eat delicious noodles, mohinga, American-style options and more.

10am—Go to the gym. Even if you don’t do anything, the journey there qualifies as exercise. Congrats, good workout!

11am—Chill out with your best buddies (probably single ones) at home or in Myanmar Plaza’s arcade Alibaba, where you can become the zombie killer you were born to be.

1pm—Watch a film at the nearby Mingalar Cineplex (Ga Mone Pwint), take a stroll around nearby Inya Lake for lunch, or catch up on some shows (on my list are Riverdale, Supernatural, The Magicians, Arrow, The Flash etc.)

3pm—Buy yourself chocolate and a special gift. Resist any feelings of self-pity and victimhood from past relationships. Acknowledge that the hour beckons when it is socially acceptable to drink.

5pm—Have a drink. Is 5pm too early? Just have one then. I like HPL Beer at Harry’s Bar.

7pm—Go to a singles’ party around town. It’s like Tinder without a phone.

9pm—Use your tipsy momentum to do something nice for somebody. Take another drink, get creative with it.

11pm—It’s time for karaoke. Go to Voice Industry KTV Entertainment in the Asia Business Center in Botahtaung Township—crystal clear sound systems for your fantastic singing.

12pm—You’re probably at 7th Joint by now, aren’t you? It’s also in the Asia Business Center complex. Time to make some outrageous travel plans. Like, right now. Wake up with a dry mouth somewhere near the Indian border.  


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