Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mingalar Cineplex (Gamone Pwint)

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Lower House to ban e-cigarettes and water pipes

Legislators of Lower House have approved a motion to prohibit e-cigarettes and water pipes, commonly known as shisha.

Indoor fun for rainy days

Yangon’s rain is unforgiving. If you feel bored and gloomy at home, why not visit these indoor playgrounds. Some of them are child-friendly, so you can bring your little ones. Reservation is highly recommended.

5 New Cafés in Yangon to try in August – Your Local Café Guide

A café is not only about its coffee, but also how its service and environment makes you feel when grabbing a cup of coffee on a busy day or sipping on an espresso during a relaxing coffee break. After the lockdown, several interesting cafes have appeared in Yangon. These are our pick of five cafés to check out for August.
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