A few weeks ago, we wrote about the reopening of 50th Street Bar. Now we found that Mu Ai Kachin Restaurant is back, too! It’s good news that some of Yangon’s iconic establishments are making a return these days.

Tucked away in a little back street in Hledan with just six tables, this humble abode used to be Yangon’s hidden gem. Thanks to its owner and head chef Laroi, Mu Ai has not only captured the hearts of the Kachin population in Yangon but also earned a substantial following among Yangon residents and even the expat community.

The new Mu Ai is in Hlaing Township. It is currently serving customers only through reservation. If you wanna try certain dishes like Momauk Steamed Chicken, you have to order in advance. Many classic Kachin meals such as Sar Phyal, smashed beef salad, curry fish packed in banana leaves and so on are still on the menu. We also heard about new items so let us know your opinion if you’ve tried them.

Mu Ai distinguishes itself with its use of fresh ingredients and flavourful spices. The name “Mu Ai”, which means “delicious” in Kachin, truly reflects the restaurant’s essence, as each item on the menu is a harmonious blend of aromas and tastes.

Kachin cuisine leans towards spiciness with a touch of sourness, yet it notably avoids excessive use of oil. This unique approach allows the true essence of the flavours to shine through. The cozy and intimate setting fosters a welcoming family-style dining ambiance, enabling you to engage in conversation with the chef, much like being personally invited to a family dinner.

Thukha 58th Street (near Kamaryut Station, Baho Street), Hlaing Township, Yangon
You can reserve a table through their page or phone number 09250272991.

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