“It’s a strength of Myanmar that when the nation faces a tragedy the community rallies together,” said Ye Htut Win, Founder of Sharky’s and Master Chef Myanmar Judge. Together the government and medical staff are tirelessly working to help COVID-19 patients recover. Yet who keeps frontline workers healthy? Right now, it’s Omnivore by Sharky’s and Kaung Lun Lote backed by the financial might of KBZ Bank.

On Sunday morning at Omnivore by Sharky’s, Ye Htut Win directs his staff to produce 180 lunch packs. Each will be delivered to the Inya Lake Covid-19 quarantine center’s staff. Most days the production line prepares 500, sometimes 1,000 meals.

With quarantine centers overflowing with COVID-19 positive patients, medical staff have been recruited to work in Yangon from right across Myanmar.

Living away from home and flat out with work means that often the last people medical staff look after, is themselves. “We know that public hospital employee’s salaries are not great. Doctors and nurses are so busy that they choose food that’s quick, but not necessarily healthy” said Kaung Htet Kyaw, of Kaung Lun Lote restaurant.

Knowing the challenges of professions in the field, Kaung Htet Kyaw began knocking on doors back in July. The community took no convincing to rally behind his initiative to deliver meals to the care staff at the Children’s, Yangon General and Women’s Hospitals.

As demand for the project exploded Kaung Htet Kyaw approached Ye Htut Win and together they’re working to feed the doctors, nurses and healthcare staff who are putting themselves in harm’s way.

“Preparing mass catering meals is a skill we’ve had to learn.” The challenge they took up was to provide immune-boosting, gorgeous looking and delicious meals. With advice from a dietician, Ye Htut Win demanded there be reduced salt and oil and no MSG in the meals and they be beautifully presented. The medical team have responded with enthusiasm.

In today’s lunch pack there’s chicken apple curry, rice, stir-fried mixed vegetables, Myanmar Tamagoyaki Japanese-style omelette and an apple. Oh, there’s a vegetarian option too.

That journey has been a team effort with corporate sponsors coming in to assist. There’s Ovaltine, Metro and Goody adding to the lunch pack and together they join to fight Covid-19 in the best way they can.

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