How long has it been since you’ve last got up early to get some fresh air while you work your legs for a little jog or a run? Jogging in the morning is one of the best ways to wake up together with the world around you. Not only is it better than any coffee or any energy drink, you probably will feel better about yourself after a motivated morning run. Now, let’s take a jog around Yangon. 

1Inya Lake Bank

The already well-known Inya Lake that covers a big part of the city just keeps getting better and better. While putting your running shoes on, you will see a well-paved trail ahead of you as several early birds and jogging enthusiasts brisk past you already drenched in sweat. If lucky, you will even see the boat club already working their muscles rowing across the lake. Nothing else would motivate you to start moving your legs after a deep breath of fresh air and just pushing yourself straight ahead as you wait for the Sun to rise above the lake and brighten up the day. 

Opposite the University of Economics (University of Yangon campus), corner of Pyay Rd. and Inya Rd. (The Inya Lake bank stretches until the Kantharyar hospital/International Business Center) (Parking available, Taxis are permitted access) 

2Yangon University Campus (Adipati Rd.)

Not very far from the Inya lake is the Yangon University campus, truly rich in history and a place all graduates love to revisit again and again. But who would have known that this campus, open to the public, would be a perfect space for the morning. Trees are lined up next to wide pavements with a big road in the middle where cars are driven respectfully. It would definitely be a fresh walk for our young university students while it is a chance for the seniors to feel young again and walk through the places they loved being around before.   

Adipati Rd., Left side of University Avenue Rd., Opposite Universities Hospital (A walking route on the Adipati Rd. is usually from the start of the gate until the convocation hall) (Parking Available, Taxis are permitted access)

3Kandawgyi Park

On a long mahogany bridge, over a lake, you’ll be walking next to the sacred reflection of the heart of Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Sun rises from behind the Karaweik Palace, another golden attraction in Yangon that has been around for years. The Kandawgyi park is for those who love to wake up together with a sunrise or complete their day together with sunset.

Along Kan Yeik Tha Rd., Gate is on the intersection of U Aung Myat Rd. and Kan Yeik Tha Rd., Parking Space available (Taxis are permitted access) (The Kandawgyi park has a large space with restaurants, it is recommended that you walk along the route from your parking)

4People’s Park

One of the biggest parks in Yangon, with smooth trails surrounded by trees, grass, bushes. One of the best feelings is to have nature around you in the morning. Your eyes exposed to the bright green colour and your body already active for the day are what provides you with a healthy lifestyle that you longed for. You can take your family with you to People’s Park. There is a playground for you to bond with your beloved children and even a couple of restaurants for you to get all three meals and then take a stroll. There is no better place for family, friends or even for people who love spending alone time.

There are many different entrances to the People’s park however the recommended entrance would be the Myanmar Culture Valley entrance (on U Wisara Rd., opposite to Theingottara Park in front of Shwedagon Pagoda) because of its available parking spaces, restaurants and a small shopping complex. 

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Yeyint Hpone
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